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Teacup Rose.....

36 pieces
129 solves
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Aw, Katie, that was so sweet of you to say.... I'm honored and happy that you enjoy my puzzles... Thinking up new ways to puzzle you all, is good fun.... :) :)

Thanks, Ank.... :) :)

Second spot, PG??? Have you been dipping into Shirley's Vegemite... HA, funny you should mention it... We did make a snowman in the freezer section of our local supermarket.... It was really cute, frozen blueberries for eyes, peas for buttons... The nose was tricky, but we found an orange Popsicle that did the trick .... Unfortunately we're not welcome back there any more.... Have a super Merry Christmas, dear one.... Hawkeye and The Scribe..... :) :)

Sound like a good idea, Snooker.... I'll drink to that.... :) :)

Thank you Whattie, purple and blue are my favorites too.... I'm sure you'll see a lot more in 2013... Have a great Christmas and enjoy your biiiiiiiiiiig puzzles..... :) :)

Become very sensitive have we pumpkin? Since we've had our eye blackened... Appears your other senses have become more acute... In a few days you will once again be your cute self .... :) :)

Thank you QORE... You go for it.... Words is words and if you see good one's, you use them.... Merry Christmas, dear one.... {{{Hugs}}} to you and Luke and an extra for your sweet Evie.... :) :)

Thanks, Francine, I'm so pleased you enjoy them... As you well know, it is great fun to create them... Will do, on the birthday hug... Thanks again for all your beautiful puzzle creations... Merry Christmas to you and yours.... I'm off to work on a New Year's puzzle, in between the last minute wrapping.... Ho, Ho, Ho.... Enjoy... Enjoy.... :) :)


A beautiful stained-glass necklace sitting in a lovely box. Gorgeous colours. Sally, thanks for all the lovelies. (1:58)
~ Merry Christmas to you and please feel free to give Foxy an extra birthday hug on my behalf...:-)


RS, this is absolutely gorgeous and all the other admiring words spoken here! (I steals 'em wherever I finds 'em)


I can not only see the texture, but can feel it as well. Very nicely done, sally!


If I can't have purple, my next pic is always blue, preferably royal. All the textures in this puzzle make this a wonderful puzzle.

How lovely. Time for a cup of tea I think.


Still faster then a speeding roach and I jumped the sidewalk crack this time remember never look up in the sky it may be a dirty bird. Have a merry Christmas you and the royal foxness. The two of you should go down to the local supermarket and ask them if you can stand in the chill box for a few minutes with wet hands and feet so you can remember how it was when you were kids at Christmas. Now go and change your not little kids anymore.




So, so pretty! (I need a thesaurus.) Your puzzles are so appreciated, always works of art. Thanks Sally!


I must admit Royal Blue is a beautiful colour.... Don't tell Jill, but I still prefer purple.... So glad you liked this one.... I was afraid at first there was too much blue.... I think the white helped set it off.... Thanks, Shirley... :) :)


I understand Mimi Zowied your Wooser... Next thing you know someone will be plagiarizing your 'Beeyoodeefull'.... Thanks, Kirsten.... :) :)


Thank you, Sissel... For your sweet comment... :) :)


This is Superb, Sally, I love the beautiful Royal blue background texture, and the stained glass effect, really lovely, Sally, Thanks so much Mate. :):)


Beeyoodeefull textures and colours Sally! Thanks!! :)))


This is so beautiful - composition, colours - thanks :-)


Thank you pilley, I so glad you enjoyed them.... Merry Christmas.... :) :)


Enjoyed your set as usual tonight, thanks.