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Our Produce Garden - Lavender Munstead, Transplanted From My Herb Garden & Doing Great!

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Well Sparkles, I still haven't painted that big tire yet. In fact, we haven't planted anything in it yet. As you know our car broke down, now we have a new van, & things got very hectic for awhile. The way the deer keep eating everything, makes planting more a bit less exciting. I'm still thinking about doing it though!


thats a lot of painting - if you get round to it post us a pic xxx think it would be such a fun thing to do xx lol and hugs


Hi Janet, Sparkles, Nan & O&A! The garden is doing pretty well for its first year. Our strawberry plants, which are not planted on hay bales but in the ground, are putting out several runners. They have doubled our original planting to 18 plants now. But we haven't had any berries from them in awhile, & I'm thinking they're focusing on their leaves & shoots, rather than on making berries, but not sure what to do about that.
Janet, Howie sends you doggy smiles & happy tail wags, & he is happy that you all enjoyed his latest photobomb, LOL!
Sparkles, I FINALLY found your Re- Tire- Ment puzzle, & I love the idea of doing this with tires! We don't have any extra paint laying around right now, but I want to try this. Maybe I'll try painting that big old tractor tire, LOL!


It's looking good, Gina.


hi nanlein - it is so so pretty wish i had them ion my garden - do enjoy xx


Found it, bookmarked for later (can't do bigger puzzles on laptop). Lovely idea!!! nan


sparklightie page 2


lovely - did you ever see my puzzle - re - tire - ment think you would love the idea xx many hugs


I love the idea of your raised bed between hay bales Gina, I hope they work really well for you. Thanks and hugs ♥ Tickles to Howie.


Hello, Iris, Nan & Roseh! I love lavender too, & am so glad it survived transplanting. Yes Nan, that's our Howie! He loves to "photobomb" my pics, LOL! Rose, your herb garden sounds like a great idea too, good luck! ((((((HUGS)))))) to you all! ~ Gina


Love lavender! Grins and smiles!☺♥☺


Is that Howie patrolling the garden? Glad to see your pictures, Gina. nan


Have never seen this way to may raised beds, clever. I made an herb garden by using old tires, painted them with some old paint I had, still need some work but doing ok.