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Rollin' Me Down The Highway! (BOARDS)

40 pieces
59 solves
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There just aren't any 9-wheelers!


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Rosie - I am so sorry that the poor little guy is hurting so much. I am going to be waiting to hear the latest update. He is such a cutie and it's so hard to watch them hurt and be helpless to doing anything about it.


Forgot to tell you that Spenser is doing the same today as yesterday. I'm taking him back to the vet tomorrow to find out what's going on. He had his surgery at the mobile vet clinic that is sponsored by the animal shelters here in the Twin Cities and his vet was one of the vets that was working the mobile clinic Tuesday. This mobile clinic is much cheaper than taking him to my vet's office and she is the one that got Spenser an appointment. So I thought he would be okay going there but now I'm second guessing myself and wondering if I made a mistake. He is still eating, drinking, peeing and pooping but I am so worried about him that I am watching him sleep. And holding him or sitting next to him on the sofa when he's awake. He wants to go out and will sit outside for an hour or so but he wants to rub his bottom on the grass and I can't let that happen. Anyway, he goes back to the vet tomorrow so I'll let you know what happens after. Thanks for your concern---it helps to know that other people, like all of my neighbors and the great people on Jigidi, care too.


Love me my boards!!!! Thanks, Jan. Hope you had a good day and enjoyed yourself.


I enjoyed all of your comments. And, I am glad you all enjoyed the puzzle. I hadn't done one with so many boards for a long time, so I thought, What the Hey! Sorry I took so long to respond, I've been out of town all day! Again, thanks to Ardy, Barb, Hanne, Gracie, Pat and Edie.

(I love that song!)


A niner no less. Good thing they're all skinny minnies to fit in here. Thanks Jan


Maybe they're from 3 motorized tricycles? LOL! Cool puzzle, cool song! :-)))


All these colors will brighten my day Jan!! thanks


In the rug shop!! I would like nr. 3 from the right, please!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


I love the looks of them Jiggy, but too small for me to solve....


Delightful, dear friend. I do hope you are not having to be out on the highways again so soon. But these colorful wheels should make it bearable, I suppose. Thank you, Jan. I was going to do a little shopping today but it's raining again and chilly. I think I'll stay in and have a good play time on Jigidi.


Sissel - thank YOU. I'm glad you liked them.


Sequin38 - I've been making these for a year or more, usually daily. When I do them with no jagged edges, they look like surfboards, snowboards, skateboards, etc. That's how they got the name BOARDS. :) Thanks for commenting.


Thanks Jan - beautiful boards Again :-)


Okay, a strip from everything, very good, I like it.