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Fluffy demanding my attention

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In case anyone is wondering what happened to the screen or why the window is so dirty, here's the answer! The red shadow is a reflection from a poinsettia on a nearby counter.


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Maybe someday she'll sit still long enough inside for me to get a good picture. I thought the resemblance was very strong.


Oh - I can see how Fluffy looks like Connie! She's very sweet!


She gets up and paws rapidly at the window when she wants me to open the door. Sometimes she wants to come in and other times she just wants some treats.


Ardy! I LOVE this picture! This is MARVELOUS!


Hi Jana, Fluffy likes to be outside too most of the time. Now that it is cold she has been coming in at night to sleep. Most of the day she stays outside. She comes in at suppertime to eat and usually goes back out until bedtime. Thank you for telling me his name.


Hi Ardy, His name is Smudla - Dopey, I do not know how it good translates into English, he is amazing, he was wild, lives just outside, but he was allowed to cuddle and hug, thank you, thet you love him


He/she is beautiful. What's is its name? Cats love a window so they can look out. Fluffy has a scratching post with a place to sit on top that puts her at window height. Thank you for sharing.

Janazlouky #jigsawpuzzle #puzzle
Its for you Ardy and for Fluffy :-))


Fluffy is a very beautiful cat, I have a ginger cat, and I'll send you a puzzle :-))


Thanks Ardy, I'm glad you are pleased with my puzzle.


Jana, And they look so innocent. That was a fun puzzle. Thank you. I'm glad you could follow the link to see Fluffy. She does not bother plants. I'm Ardy. I'm enjoying your puzzles.


Thank you Ringleader, maybe you'll like my puzzle for you :-)) #jigsawpuzzle #puzzle


Thanks, Gail. She decided she wanted to sleep inside last night so I had company all night.


This is a wonderful photo, Ardy. It's good you let her into your life, or she yours...


She's probably waiting for me now. Thanks, Pat.


Love it thanks...


Dagmar, I hope you have already fallen asleep. Thanks for coming over. I'll see you at your place or at mine when you can. Sleep well, my friend.


Thanks Ardy, for another glimpse into your life, Fluffy sure seems to know what she wants. :)) Your framing is great and the snapshot even better. It's always a pleasure to come to your place, although I'll have to leave you and Jigidi for this night as it is after one o'clock and tomorrow still is Friday, not a wonderful Saturday. Thanks for some big smiles very late at night. Have a nice evening and see you tomorrow. :))


Hi Ank. Sometimes she wants in and sometimes she wants treats delivered to her. And I would give her a belly rub at the risk of lacerations. Her belly is private!!! Do not touch. Thanks for your nice comment.


I want in, Arrrrdyyyyy, it's cold outside, I want in. Please open the door. A lovely photo Ardy and not only Fluffy, but all. And please give her a belly rub.


Thanks, Laurajane. And thanks for another star on the board.


That's good you opened your home and heart to her.


Meow, Meow, Calleycat


Oh, Fluffy!!!


Hi Janine. She's extremely skittish. If she's eating and I forget and drop something in the trash which is near her dish, she'll start to run. When she decides it's ok, she'll go back to eating. Having been on her own for a long time I don't force her to stay in except when the weather is really bad Usually then she wants to be in also but not always. Thanks . Those lacy curtains are vinyl. I love how they look so real.


Meow, maegi. I sure do. Thanks for admiring me.


Jan, Glad you like my Fluffy's picture. You missed the orchid picture I posted a week ago. If you want to see it better, here it is:
This orchid one was one of my first experiments with frames until Kirsten's tutelage.
I always appreciate your helpful comments. Thank you.

Beautiful kitty.......really likes you, Ardy. Love your lacey curtains.......Janine.


Thanks, Sandy. She seems to be a homeless neighborhood cat who has adopted me. I started feeding her some treats when I gave them to another cat I was feeding. She kept coming after he died and now has pretty much moved in. The flowers love that eastern exposure window.


Petsmom, she talks a lot but I don't always understand. But I do understand the rapid pawing at the window. It says "Go open that door". Thanks for your comment.


Hanne, This may mean she wants in or maybe just some treats. But I'm supposed to respond right away. Thanks for coming by.


Hi Fluffy, think you know as well as I how to get what you want... You're beautiful!


Ardy, these photos of Fluffy have been so wonderful. I am so glad you shared this piece of your life. I LOVE the photos! And this one shows your orchids so much better, as well as your lovely curtains! Just a great shot!!! Thanks.


What a sweet kitty and photo. Your flowers look very happy also.

An adorable pic. Fluffy is telling you exactly what she wants. I love that about pets. They talk to us and make us listen.


AAAARRRDDDYYYY!!! I AM HERE!!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Thanks Barb. And thanks for another good chuckle this morning. That would be a startling sight if you weren't expecting to see a cat splayed on the screen door.

No posting problems this morning. Yea!


Ooh, Mommy, let me in ..... I'm hungry!!!!! LOL
Ardy, I love this pic. My brother and sister in law have had pets all their married life, both cats and dogs and this reminds me so much of a little black female cat they had. She used to come to the front screen door and splay herself across the screen. The first time I saw her gave me a bit of a fright as I didn't know what it was at first. :-)))