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Well, Mandy, some of my puzzles have to be challenging....or I'd be bored to death creating them. And even though this one was "superbly" challenging, you seem to have handled the challenge quite successfully. ;-)


Superbly challenging puzzle, and lovely combinations of colour too, thanks Wendy.


Robina, somehow I'm missing lots of comments on my puzzles! I'm so sorry I didn't respond sooner. Anyway, I actually dedicated a puzzle to you today. And I probably will tomorrow as well after seeing another comment of yours that I missed. Thank you so much for your kind words.


Wow, I didn't know about any of that! I can't imagine your puzzles not having tons of solves, they are always so good. I have great respect for those of you who are able to make such beautiful puzzles, I wouldn't even know where to begin. Thank you so much for being one of the artistic, wonderful puzzle makers, you always make my day!


Robina, you just made my day. Keep in mind that it's OK if you ask for one of my puzzles in a different size. I came up with a new policy the other day though, where if I think something is going to do absolutely awful in a super large size, I'm not going to post it....unless as a private puzzle. The problem with having too few solves is that it has a psychological effect on people. If they see too many puzzles with too little solves, they subconsciously start thinking that ANY puzzle by that person can't be great. I know it's crazy, but it's true. And the worst thing about it is that puzzles with too few solves get deleted by Jigidi's software after a few months. I've been lucky so far though because the vast majority of mine remain.


Loved this one too... I was driving home last night and wishing both that I hadn't finished the one previous to this, (which was the same type of puzzle) and how wonderful it would be if you posted another one. Came online and found this one, only a few minutes later, I was so happy! And just now I found you've added another, thanks for some great puzzles! :)


Pat, I'm laughing my head off. I just read your comment here and then whipped over to my email to see if you had responded...which you had....and now I'm so confused. However, I'm going to 'run with' your email message. ;-)

And in respect to the way you were acting like Ms. whatnauts, yes, you are just like her. LOL!


Im not like whatnauts--my bookmarked puzzles get removed quite regularly if I haven't solved them, unless they're by someone new to me. I recognize that there will always be puzzles by you and Sue and Advia and others that I just can't get around to before you all post a whole bunch of great new ones, so I just take off the bookmarks and remember that, if I'm looking for another puzzle to do, all I have to do is scroll through those profiles, and they'll be there waiting!


Oh, geeez, I just sent you a private message!


This looks like fun I'll solve it tomorrow I'm almost falling asleep now.


So Pat, you ARE/WERE hinting on the other one then? Don't be like whatnauts! LOL!


Well, I love this size, and it's definitely on my to-do list! Wonderful!


Jan, I'll post this in a small size tomorrow for you. Remember when you asked me for another puzzle to be posted in a small size? Well, I posted it today for you and I think you must have missed it...

whatnauts, you're being so good! When I post this tomorrow in a small size, you can do that one. ;-)


Looks like this pic has been through an earthquake!!!! I can see the fault lines.

Seriously though, cool design.
(commented, not solved - hehehe)


Dear Wendy - wonderful design - guess what: do you have a smaller size?