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Fiddled Twiddle Griddle

49 pieces
118 solves
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I hope no one ever decides to write a biography about me, using information culled from my comments (and designs) on Jigidi! Heaven help me if they do! LOL!!! Thanks, Rosie--my puzzles can get quite rambunctious at times... :-)))


Wow, all those little squares went absolutely bonkers and started chasing each other round and round and round and oh, not that many rounds. Fabulous, crazy, wacky, insane, wonderful, bizarre, fun, happy, colorful joyous puzzles today, Pat. Thanks for sharing your childhood seed with us. Rosie


LOLOLOLOL! I'm glad my crazy titles make you laugh, because I love writing them!

Thanks, Ardy, whatnauts, Wendy, PJ, and treker--the more I look at this, the more I wonder if, as a child, I enjoyed watching plastic dishes melt when I put them in the oven or on top of the stove......! Oh, my, TMI about my bad seed childhood..... :-)))


Loved it! (3:15)


Pat - you're a master at finding fun fitting titles to your fun puzzles. I felt quite the humorous mood of 'Fiddled Twiddle Griddle' while solving :-)))


I LOVE the puzzles you posted today, Pat. I wouldn't have thought that the image in this one would have made such a terrific swirl but it really does.


Cool colours. An interesting and fun puzzle to solve.


This deserves more than a "great puzzle" comment. I also saw the tidal wave and tried to do something with it and the grid but can't. Sorry puzzle. You really do deserve more. Thanks, Pat.


A bit of swirl and a bit of flag, both--not enough fiddling to have Rome burn down on my watch, thank goodness! Thanks, Edie and Lela (I have to admit, I'm glad you did.....).


I have to admit, I enjoyed this one.............


Good title. You didn't give it a full swirl, you just fiddled with it a bit. Great result. Thanks Pat


Okay, you got me! Can't put anything over on you! LOL! Thanks so much, Jan! Have a wonderful, safe, fabulous, marvelous trip!


You can't fool me! There is a stained glass ocean wave curl in kaleidoscope colors in this! LOVE it! And love your continually creative styles! Thanks so much, Pat!