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Paper Stars - larger version

144 pieces
386 solves
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Thanks for the was great!!


Look sorta like sand stars. Going to Gulf beaches in 10 days, hope we find some shells and stuff this pretty walking the shore. Thanks, this was very pretty.


Hi Ardy, not sure if I'll try this size or not. I feel far more comfortable with those puzzles under 100 pieces. I'm also finding it hard to keep up with all the puzzles that are coming out now. Far more than even when I joined last July. I'm still trying to do at least one of each of my favourites but that's getting hard too, depending on time of day. Morning is my best time to solve which is why I can do Kirsten's and yours. Still kind of wish people would stick with the 4 maximum but it's not for me to say. I did Su's blue/purple/pink one today. :-)


Barb, 15:48 is rather slow for this size. Maybe because I had done it once before the colors didn't seem quite as similar. I still had trouble with the middle gray and the top left - whatever you call it. But I had a good time and that's what counts. Thanks for the fun. See you at Su's maybe or tomorrow.