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A drawing I did of a Lakeland Farm, Cumbria - 1976

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Ah, digging into the paper... I remember my frustration with the Croquil because it required the development of a completely new technique, closer to calligraphy; it simply couldn't be used in a natural drawing motion. Its stiffness made it possible to maintain some uniformity in thin lines, but you had to use too much force - digging into the paper - to get decent line width variation. And, of course, no reservoir.... Thus the technical pens, which I found impractical because of lack of line variation. So I moved to technical fountain pens, but using anything approaching permanent ink in them kept clogging points. Definitely an art which needs practice to develop. After seeing your drawings (and being currently unemployed), I'm thinking I might pick it up again - I still eye the pens in the art store - but I'd probably start in pencil.


This was my second ever pen and ink drawing, I hadn't quite got the hang of it. I was frustrated that using the fine nib was slowing me down by 'tearing' at the surface of the paper. I used a much more smooth surfaced paper after this attempt. The copying and printing blocked a lot of the detail - on one such drawing that it was completely lost. This is not the original. I sold the originals and had small print runs done. Thanks again.


I like this; this is more of the type of drawing I aspired to do. This uses spot detail to represent surfaces and define edges, thicker line in the foreground to accentuate depth, and more implied detail than your urban building renderings. I might have lightened the foliage at the end of the lane and the background hills even more to accentuate depth, but it's a fine composition, great subject, and very nice rendering. I like the miscellaneous weeds and vine representations.

dave_hitchborne the way, what happened to Search by comment? I can't find it.


I might get a second account in my wife's name and put the smaller ones in there.


I agree with puzzaddled. I like to do puzzles like this in the smaller version. You could make private smaller puzzles and put the link on your larger ones.


Another lovely are very talented, Dave! I am so happy that you are sharing these with us.

(If possible, could you post some of these as smaller puzzles? I like to look at so many wonderful puzzles on this site and don't have as much time to do all the larger ones that I'd like. I've bookmarked this one for later.) Thank you, Michelle