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Very confused rose

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Last year this rose had a small problem with split personality disorder! It had been white since I bought it but decided to go for the raspberry ripple look! I'm waiting to see if it will be Dr Jeckyl or Mr Hyde this year!


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I LOVE this coloration! It is quite beautiful! I always like the unusual. Thanks, Hester!!


Well, I seem to have caught on to seeing food every where! You're usually the foody so I thought it apropos. And it just makes life more fun.


Grandmajojo and Catbirdtable, (gotta love that name!!) thankyou for your visits.

Katie, now I'm going to want to LICK it!!

Edie, fingers crossed!!


Hope it does a repeat this year Hester. Very unusual, thanks for sharing.


It's going for the ice cream look! Or maybe a little pink fairy ran out of coloring!

It is beautiful and unique.


In the words of Christina Aguilera: "You are what you are." "You are beautiful no matter what they say."