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You're welcome and thank you and your family for their service. My heart goes out to your family that are still serving. It's rough out there. Even more so now than when we policed.


Thanks petsmom. My family had a lot of officers and I used to be a dispatcher. People don't stop to think what a difficult job it is and that we couldn't have a life without them. Thank you and your husband for your service. Julie.


Thank you for posting this puzzle, julie88. My husband and I are retired police officers and this is so true. We support the police and all other professions that protect us every day. I, too, wonder where we would be without them protecting us. It would be chaos. Thanks again.


Thanks! I have relatives and friends in a wide variety of law enforcement who appreciate the support.


thank you julie
this is the best


Good one, dimples!

Every time I see a policeman, a fireman or an ambulance medic, I tell them I hope they don't have to earn their pay today.


Cops aren't perfect, but what would life be without them. Enjoyed hearing from you, Bonnie.


I absolutely agree with this, Julie! Thanks for posting it. ~ Dottie


I do the same thing. No problem for me, just for others.


Bibliophile, thanks. This is one of the first I posted and did not get it right.


What a nice idea. I'll be needing some bulbs. Thanks.

Where I live ....we have blue bulbs for porch lights for police also burn green bulbs for Veterans.
I burn both. Bev.


Hi Lin, Don't worry about time lapse, I have SO many puzzles on hold and am late a lot. My uncle, 2 cousins and 2 nephews are or were cops and I was a dispatcher. There's good and bad in every job, but where would we be without the police ? Thanks. You'll see me here and there on Jigidi. I try to comment on each puzzle I work.
jason, I've made that mistake myself. Not to worry.


Oops... I meant to say "Their job" and not "There job".


This one really hit home w/me, Julie! My youngest brother was career law enforcement; worked his way up thru the ranks. In those days (late '70s thru 1980's), tho, normally law abiding citizens showed due respect for the 'men & women in blue'. Admittedly fwd... a few jerks have been able to squeeze thru processing procedures to don 'the uniform' and the multitude dedicated to protecting/helping us are taking the brunt for vile actions of those few! In my humble opinion...far too much attention is given to the 'jerks' and not enough praise for those who remain dedicated to protecting law abiding citizens.
Sorry this is so late, Julie - I just found you & your site...yesterday! ; )


Thank you Julie for posting this photo as a puzzle.

When I was in the States, I have only met good police officers. So, the bad ones must be very few and far in between.

I feel safe to go out because I know that they are there to protect everyone, to upkeep the law and to ensure that all of us upkeep the law, too. There job is always dangerous as they do not know what will happen next. They and their families really deserve our respect and understanding.

Yes, I would like to pray for police officiers, too. I will add them to my prayer list. May God keep them and their families safe and well.


Thanks for the comments. I'm sure the police hear many complaints and not too many
compliments. They, like all of us, need validation. Thank you puzzlers. Julie.

They have my support 100percent. Thank you Julie.
11 25 15..............7:25p.m.


100 % Support! Thank you


Hope they all do the same julie!


I agree !


I agree with all that's been said. We should be thanking & praying for them, not running them down. I don't even think we can know for sure exactly what happened & why in those situations. Maybe we'll never know. But the main thing is, there are many honest, hard working LE officers & other public servants out there, & they more than make up for a couple of bad ones now & then, & shouldn't be degraded because of them.




Many thanks and best regards from Germany


If every morning when you went off to work you didn't know if you'd come home alive that night, if you'd ever see your family again it would change your attitude a LOT. If you dealt with the dredges of society every day, had them curse you out for doing your job it would change your attitude a LOT. They are here to help, to protect and to keep this country half way safe. Think about life without them. God bless them one and all.


A hearty amen. Thanks for this. Mary


They have my support.



I think it is sad (but not surprising) that, because people hear about 1 or 2 policemen who made bad decisions - for whatever underlying reason - they now assume that every single one of them is like that. In my community (Minneapolis) part of the problem is the perception that the police union defends them no whatever the situation -- which I think at one point may have been somewhat true. It would probably help a lot to improve the public's opinion if they got rid of the idea of the "internal investigation" that is never made public - ever!


I say amen to that, Julie!

Count me in on that. Myheros.

Thank you Julie for sharing this!

Amen and Hallelujah!!!

They have my support too. GOD keep them safe..


Julie88, I agree. Wish our news media would spend a little more time on the good police officers and not the few bad or unfortunate (due to circumstances they faced) officers.