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Red Tail Hawk

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LJ and Shirley I probably can try the rest of my life and never get this picture again. It was a stroke of luck.


Sure looks to be a large hawk, Thanks pat.


I would love to capture birds of prey with my camera. Owls, especially. I rarely get to see any, though. Nice shot!


He sure is Chookies and he is so pretty. Thanks for stopping in.


Well done getting this shot, pkin - he certainly is a big beauty!!


Jan do you really think that man could be good. He's a MAN....
Fran it sure was. And it probably will never happen again.
Thanks Ank I have seen this bird so many times and never in my lifetime did I ever think I could get this picture.


Great Pat, it's a beautiful photo


Special moment. Glad you captured it.


Oh PG be good, not shotgun please.


Thanks Celeste.... Good morning


Great capture Pkin :)


Now PG I don't need a shot gun already have one. This fellow is really hard to get close too. That's why I'm taking the camera it can zoom in better than the cell phone camera. Thanks for all you help.


If you stuff them Pat they are much easier to pose. Try not to look at them when you are trying to get close. Remember you are a predator and the human eyes are something most animals fear. I wonder why? If you try walking at an angle from them and move slowly without looking at them you may have a better chance to get close. I can also lend you a shotgun and you can get as close as you want.


Yes he is and so beautiful and I am going to try to get a better picture.


He's a big one!!


Thanks Robbie I had to stop quite a distance away from him as not to scare him. I really was surprised when I seen the wing span. He is the one that can so close to the windshield of my car one day and he had a snake in his talons it almost touched the glass. Scared the ----- out of me. Had to stop the car and git myself together.


You were lucky to get this PK, hard to believe it is from a cell phone! We really have to take our camera with us all the time if we want nature pictures. I was in the boat just going to the moorings and the local Osprey came really close.....No camera! Thanks PK.


Jan I have been trying to get a photo of him for a long time. And he always takes off. He is such a pretty bird.


What a big wing span he has. good photo from your cell phone.


Thanks Ardy I know just what you mean. In fact I have a few old cameras I have been thinking of taking a picture a posting. Some are really old. I would say this was a drive by but I did have to stop way back as not to scare him. This is the best zoom I could do. Have a great day. Hugs


Wonderful, Pat. This got me thinking about cameras. Remember how big and cumbersome they used to be and now how small they can be and still get such good pictures. Technology is so amazing. I wonder what it will be like when today's children are old. Thanks for this great shot.


This was taken with my cell phone camera. I think I will put the camera in the car when I go so maybe I can get a better picture of him. I didn't know he had his wings spread until I looked at the picture. Nice surprise...


That's a GREAT picture, Pat!


He was sitting so pretty and when I snapped the picture he started to take off.