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Things are fine here. Just a multitude of small branches and leaves carpeting the roads and yards. Only lost power for about 45 minutes. I have a large generator that kicked on automatically 10 seconds after we lost power and when power was restored it shuts down. I think they must have been working on the lines somewhere. Next morning we lost it again for about 15 minutes and again the generator started up. And again I think it was line work & not an actual outage. IT's sad you had to get rid of all that food. Usually if you keep them closed your food will stay cold enough and the frozen foods stay frozen.

I'm bookmarking this one to work it later, Joyce, how did you make out during the storm? Hopefully all is safe. We are okay after that horrendous wind, lost power at 5:00 pm Monday, didn't come back on until after 8PM on Tues. night . . . had to dispose of all contents in fridge & freezer, that was an expensive bummer! Is your power back on?


*GRIN .........




Oh well, pardon me!! Hope you have a nice ''Hallowe'en''.

It's "Hallowe'en" (like in the picture), not "Halloween"!