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Brown Fish

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Kathy, play with GIMP all you can. I use it every day and I haven't tried at least half the things that there are to try. I LOVE that program. There are a few things that can only be done with a paid for program I suppose, but there's more than enough for all of us who don't want to spend money. And one thing I've learned is that there are some free programs that don't offer that much, but they'll have one or two things that no other program has. So it's worth looking.

Most of my favorite people on Jigidi are from Europe or Canada. It's kind of amazing that that's the case, but it is. And it's wonderful that Jigidi is available to people worldwide.

I'm so glad that you're healing from your operation. And the fish need you! I made you a puzzle today. I made two fish puzzles, one especially for you. :-)


Wendy, thanks for sharing the story of how you got started. I was doing someone's puzzle this afternoon and the title did not appear to be in English. I told hubby that the whole world can post and that the whole world can see and do the puzzles. Like I told PJ the other day, the beauty that you guys created brighten the world and make it a better place. Seriously, think about it. There are tons of people who look forward to and enjoy your puzzles each and every day. We do this because we find it pleasureable and your puzzles definitely bring pleasure to other people and brighten the world!

I too have GIMP and spent a good part of last night working with it and discovering things. Just now breaking the top of the iceberg with figuring out how to use it. I told PJ about GIMP the other day. I had mentioned a "bumpmap" and she inquired as where to find one. I gave her the GIMP lead and also a free online photo editor called SumoPaint that has some neat effects like the "bumpmap". I roam the internet looking for effects and filters LOL Can not bring myself to purchase PhotoShop LOL so I stick with the freebies. GIMP should keep me entertained for quiet some time LOL

I used the GIMP program last night to make the Smiling Clown that I posted today. It wasn't my favorite of the lot, but I actually created it from scratch, something I rarely do. The one that I like the most made me think of a seahorse, at least it's head LOL

Yesterday was the first day that I had felt human again and I cleaned the 180 gallon tank but today I have been pretty much useless LOL They have always gotten weekly cleanings but since I have started having the gallbladder surgery, the poor things have been negelected. Good news is that they all seem to still be doing ok. If anything, I was probably keeping them too clean LOL Hopefully tomorrow I will get another one or two cleaned. :-)


Oh, Kathy, I forgot something! After I make the circles, squares...whatever, I put them in GIMP and play around with the EFFECTS....and then kaleidoscope them after I'm done most of the time.


First, Pat is pdevredis! She also uses the alias pdevredis65. The way I got started creating on Jigidi was that my friend advia asked me to "do" a puzzle for her. I was still solving then, and what she meant was for me to solve some puzzles for her since she was going to be away for a day or two. She was only joking. But then as a turn around joke, I took a bunch of her puzzles and made them into a puzzle (so I did 'do' her puzzle). Anyway, she liked it so much that she gave me permission to post it and then, Pat asked me if I'd make one for her too. And then both of them wanted more, and I thought that was great because it was so much fun. I'd just find puzzles of theirs that I liked and put them together into a mosaic. About a month later I thought it would be nice to create my own...and that's it.

Tell you husband thank you! :-)

I can imagine that you love looking at your fish in the aquariums. My daughter worked in a pet store for about 2 years and there were aquariums all over the place. I sometimes had to pick her up, and when I did, I loved looking at all the fish. They're really amazing...and amazingly beautiful.


My husband just walked through and I showed him this puzzle. He busted out laughing in a very good way. LOL He simply can not muster much love for computers!!! But every now and then, I will drag him over and show him something that I have learned. He is ever so slowly coming around to the computer age but prefers to keep his distance. Anyway, I have shown him enough that when he saw your fish his comment was..."Somebody is a bit of an artist!" And that statement is so true!!! Even if he or I tried to create a fish drawing like yours above, trust me, it would never ever get posted!! LOL

You mentioned "Pat" below. I am unfamiliar with her work. What is her name on here?

As for our fish and aquariums.....nope, NO business, just a hobby. I have bred and raised quiet a few fish, but give 90% of them away. Simply no market for tropical fish in our area and I don't enjoy shipping live fish.


Kathy, most of the time, I start with a blank background and just start drawing circles and/or squares and/or ovals and/or rectangles....and then ideas sprout as I'm doing that...seriously. Then when I'm done with the image, if I like it enough, I'll post it as a puzzle. If not, then I'll kaleidoscope it and if I still don't like it, I'll add more 'stuff.' LOL Now here's the thing. I started off by using images on the web, but I was so impressed with what Pat does that I started doing pretty much the same thing that she does.
You have a wonderful eye and I don't doubt that you'll be doing more of your own creations as time goes on (not even using images off the web). I'm going to create two puzzles today or tomorrow where I will be using images off the web, but it's been a long time since I've done that.

I repeat, you have a wonderful eye. :-)

My daughter has a large aquarium...but HOLY COW....your collection is amazing. Do you have a fish business?


As promised, a fishie for you Wendy LOL


Wendy, I must say your creative side never ceases to amaze me!!!!!! I adore your fishie!!!! I am sure he is much easier to maintain than the live ones LOL


I haven't even solved this one yet and I am sitting here smiling LOL Wendy how in the world do you create such awesome puzzles???? Take another bow my dear as this is lovely!!!!

If that water ever needs changing again, and the filter needs repairing, just give me a call as I am much aquainted with aquariums. Our largest is 180 gallons, followed by a 100 gallon, a 90 gallon, three 75 gallons, a 55 gallon and a 29 gallon.

Wendy, as I will never be able to design anything as well as this, I will offer up a picture of one of our fish for you to gaze at. I will post it and leave you a link to look at. But I am off to solve this cutie right now! :-)


Mandy, get with the program! Mr. Bugosi realized immediately that it was an aquarium fish...and that the water filter had malfunctioned. But you can see that it's all been fixed if you check out the other one. ;-)


Cool fish, Wendy, (at least at the dark depth in the ocean, I expect it's very cool!!!) :))


Thank you very much, Barb. :-)


The water might be dirty but the fish is cute and so is this puzzle, Wendy. :-)


Well, PJ, unfortunately, the water in this puzzle was dirty and also some of the pieces have been damaged as a result.


Oh, Wendy - I'm relieved to hear the water has been filtered. fun puzzle though. PJ


Mr. Bugosi, click on my Wendy13 alias and you'll see the water has just been run through the filter. The fish is now clean too.


This is a great one!........(though I think the water could do with a clean),,,,,


Thank you very much, Zombie Queen! I created a blue version of this too which I'm going to post soon using this alias (Wendy13, not Wendy_13).
Your alias is pretty fantastic too!