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The Adventures Of Callie Lou .... The Rescue ....

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Photos by the heroes who rescued Callie Lou and her brother... Bless their hearts....


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No worries, Kathy.... You did not screw up.... We all have other lives and other things that need doing aside from Jigidi... Like eating and sleeping and shopping and talking to our children and grand children.... I'm always amazed how much some folks do on Jigidi and wonder however do they keep up.... On top of that you've saved two puppies and are in the middle of a remodel.... You are very brave and fearless... Oh, in case you weren't aware, today is give your hubby an extra hug day... Don't forget.... :) :)


I am soooooo sssssooooooorrrrry!!!!!!!! Somehow I missed this one. Can you please find it in your heart to forgive me??????? Gosh, I am so aggravated at myself for this major screw up!!!!!!! I am indeed sorry for my mistake!!!!!!!

After putting the puzzle together, I just sat here and soaked in all the detail that you put into it. I wish I had half the talent that you have in creating. Those darling puppy prints wandering about brings a big smile to my face. The hearts ever so carefuly placed. Each picture you chose and framed, outlined, and placed bring back detailed memories. The first picture is of the babies in the bathtub. They were placed there to help contain the HUGE fleas that covered them. You can actually see some of the fleas that I picked off laying around in the tub. While I ran for the tub, hubby ran for the door to fetch shampoo to get rid of the fleas. He returned with a pill from the vet and by 11:00 PM that same night, not a flea remained on the babes. Hubby even made a second run to town to fetch some oatmeal shampoo LOL

The second picture is of little brother and those connecting eyes that he had. He would make eye contact with you and you could tell he was soaking in everything and trying to find his place in this world. Boy, those EYES!!!!! He would observe and hang very very close. He wanted to be held and had a very laid back personality. He would watch sis and then would join in if she wasn't getting into too much trouble. He minded from the very start whereas sis was a bit more challenging LOL I do believe that he will be very very very easy to train. His eye contact stole my heart!!!!!

The third picture was delightful Callie Lou getting her first toy LOL It has a squeeky thing in the head and it amazed her when I would get it to sound off. It was fun hiding it behind my back and squeaking it and her eager little bouncing self searching out that delightful noise. LOL

The bottom left.....LOL....Callie Lou doing what pups love to do. Chewing and shredding one of my puzzle books while sitting beside me on the sofa. Always ready to help out when she could LOL

And the bottom is kinda like when a baby takes it's first step. This was Callie Lou embracing the knowledge and concept of what "Fetch" meant!!!!! Such a quick learner at such an early age. That old tied up sock being brought back in such glorious fashion!!!!!

The last picture was of Callie Lou trying dry puppy food here for the first time. She could definitely pack some food away LOL Sometimes the food would go flying in her excitement of playing. I soon learned to move the food dish out of range during play time LOL

Yep, the pups had a rough start out in this big ole world. But I am thrilled that we had a chance to take them into our hearts even for the short time we had them. I wish we still had the phone number to the gentleman that got the little boy, but unfortuantly the number got erased off of the caller ID. I soooo want to know how he is fairing!!!!!! And little Callie Lou........well she left our arms and went in the loving arms of Libby (javasage). Now we can all follow her as she grows and matures here on Jigidi.

The support, kindness, advice, and caring that we received through Jigidi meant sooooooo much. I am glad to be a part of Jigidi!!!!! And I want to thank everyone for taking part in the puppies little lives!!!!!!

Sally.......a special thank you my dear for a cherrished trip down memory lane. It was soooooo very thoughtful of you. Your creative talent serves you well and your caring heart shines through. Again, I apologize for missing this puzzle for the longest!!!!!!!

Sincerely!!!! Kathy and Hubby :-))))))))))))

pumpkinhead have made a fine tribute here to the jigidi heroes! Well done, Sally!


I tink I recognize someonebody here!!! Yer right thoughtty, Ms Sally...the Hummingbirds have done a remarkable thing rescuing these wee ones!!! They also did a dy-an-o-mite job finding homes for the scrappy pups!!! I have become a tad more familiar with these expressions the last several days...nothing short of melt-your-heart...thanks so very much! ;-)))))


This is such a great story and you've done it proud here!

The paw prints and the hearts say it all.


Wonderful puppies, wonderful puzzle, wonderful story, wonderful heroes! Thanks.


What a terrific idea! A great puzzle and a well-deserved tribute. Thank you, Sally. :DDD


Such a lovely picture collection. I came late to the story and had not seen the little black guy. They are both so sweet and the world cheers for their rescuers! Ditto as well to all comments!


Sally, what a great idea! Roerick3 and the others have expressed it so well ~ all I can say is 'ditto'. Many thanks :) - 1:39


This story started off so sad, for these adorable little puppies, but ended so lovely, with their loving forever homes, This is beautiful Sally, Thank you so much. :):)


Thanks Sally - what a great thing to do!


Thank you Sally for putting a fitting tribute together for Kathy and her husband. They truly deserve it. They did something really special and we were ALL privilidged to be a part of it.


A beautiful tribute Sally! Thanks. :)))


I do agree that they are heroes. Thank you for having the photos all together so your fans can see them.