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Merry Christmas From My House To Yours

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This is my topiary Christmas tree!! :)


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Hi gemstone & patsyanne ~ Never too late...........glad you've enjoyed the puzzles!! Merry Christmas!! :)))))))))))))))

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Joyce. Know I'm a little late but hope you find this. Thank you for all the enjoyment I've received from yoour puzzles over the year. From way out on Vancouver Island, B.C. tonight.


A very merry and a happy happy to you and yours, cakes! :DDD


Thank you very much buckeye; it's just the right size for me now!!! :))))


Your topiary is just beautiful! Merry Christmas!


LOL Oh my gosh!!! That is too funny!!! She has quite the sense of humor!! LOL


That's what Mrs.Bugosi wants to do with me!.......(The last part).......


Hi Carol ~ I'm happy you like it. It's 100 times easier than the tree we used to put up. I bought & used it for something else originally and then took the roses off and stuck in lots of poinsettias in their place!! And I just unplug it, put a huge plastic bag over it and downstairs it goes until next year. :))))


This is so nice! Creative and old world Christmas beautiful! I don't put up a tree any longer either but this is top of my list for next year's Christmas decorations. Thank you! :)))


Merry Christmas Boogs!!! Thank you. The big tree just got too much for me. :))))


Hi Lela, Gail & bentleyd ~ It's been a fun year here on Jigidi for me thanks to my wonderful friends. Thanks Gail, it's my favorite of the 2 I have. A wonderful Christmas to all and your families!!!
bentleyd ~ after ''talking'' with me you are brave to stay here. Just kidding ~ HO HO HO

Merry Christmas!! I love your Christmas tree!!


You have a lovely house, Joyce. I like the table lamp reflected in hte mirror.


Merry Christmas cakes!.....Thanks for all the laughs this year!.....


Hi Nikol, Phyllis & tg ~~ A very Merry Christmas to you too. Glad you like my topiary tree. It looks really pretty without the flash from the camera lighting everything around it. One of these days I have to find ''see through'' wire. :))))))))))


Happy Christmas to you cakes:-) Love your tree:-) You were the fist person I had spoken to on


Merry Christmas cakes! Thanks for all the great puzzles :)


Happiness and joy to you and yours for this Christmas and New Year! Thanks for sharing your lovely tree! xoxo


Merry Christmas to you too