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FettjeƄfallet, Sweden!

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We climbed rocks and roots - up and down on slippery underground, we heard the fall louder and louder and then - it was there!! Oh my!! About 210 feet tall, gracefull and strong at the same time! What a sight, what a noise!! The path was almost gone now, we crossed the stream on another primitive bridge and came up on the right side of it. No path, rocks, rocks to climb and lots of tall vegetation to fight your way through. But we had to come close - and we do tomorrow!!


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Yes, don't you?!! Thanks so very much Dagmar!!


This is so beautiful, I understand that you had to come closer to get a better view. :))


Ohhh, you have your share of those low pressures too!! Do hope for you that nothing bad happens!! We are promised storm tomorrow and they have cancelled the ferry most of the day!! A nice evening for you too, Ank, thanks so very much!!


Spectacular Hanne, a big climb to get there but worth.
We have spectacle too. Storm, very high water at sea. Extra dike monitoring in Friesland. People need to share higher on Terschelling. So let's hope everyone retains dry feet.
Have a nice evening.


Thanks so very much for following, Jo!!


What a fasinating view!! Wow!! Thankyou for taking us here!! :) :)


The vegetation was in many places as tall as I, because of the moist from the waterfall and the heat that radiates out from the rocks after sunshine. Thanks so very much Sandy!!

Ohh it is Jana!! Thanks so very much!!

The tallest waterfall in Sweden is about 69 meters tall and this is more than 70, so actually this IS the tallest but not as well known and I hope it will remain so, because they will have to do something to the entrance to it if it becomes really famous!! It's part of the experience, this wild, wild path and wood, these rugged rocks coming up everywhere and then the wild an free, wonderful waterfall!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


We do agree so completely, Ardy!! They are fascinating and the most fascinating is that they continue falling even if you leave and don't look at it anymore. For years, for centuries, for milleniums, the water amount will change after how much rain or snow is available, but they continue on and on and on. Thanks so very much!!


Magnificent power! Hanne - this is a great shot. It is so VERY tall. Thanks so much!!


I read the novel thrilling sequel :-)) Veryy nice place Hanne, thank you.


Oh, this is my favorite one so far. I love the mosses and fern at hte bottom. Thanks Hanne.


Hanne, I doubt that I will ever get tired of the beauty, magnificence and power of waterfalls. As a child we would visit relatives that lived some distance away. The road took us past an area where there were waterfalls right next to the road. Whether there were many or few and how much water depended on how much rain we had had. That was the only part of the trip where I wasn't in the "Are we there yet" mode. Thank you so much. Am eager for tomorrow's posting.