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The blahs can be hard to get through. I get them too.
Some people just attract sunshine - you lucky man - you found one!!!!!!


Yes, Kate, I am more than ready for Susan to come home! Susan sounds more ready than me!!!!!!
Normally, I do really well at housekeeping, vacuuming every other day and doing the dishes daily, then look for other things that need to be done. But about halfway through, I got the winter blahs and didn't do a thing for a week. Hardly watched any DVDs. Did very few puzzles. And didn't take as many walks with the dogs.
I am back to normal now. But it was difficult with the cold, wintry weather and the snow. The first half of February, we had spring-like weather, then Susan left and it turned into weather. I told her even Missouri didn't her like her leaving. BTW, the forecast is for nice weather again when she returns. Coincedence? I don't think so! LOL!


I bet you're really, really happy to get your Susan home. Are you a good "housekeeper" or do you now have a lot of "staightening up" to do? When I was little my mom and brother and I went back to Lincoln for a few weeks in the summer for three years. While we were gone, my dad would use every dish in the house and then go out to eat. Twenty-four hours before we were to be home - he worked on those dishes until his hands were prunes - and then some. Thank goodness we never got home early.

I remember the wonderful anticipation of Spring and then those first tiny buds pushing through the dirt and reaching for the sun. The renewal of life is an awesome thing.

Would love some more duct tape wisdom.
It's so important to continually improve our minds! :~)


Susan is leaving for home tomorrow morning! YAY! It takes 2 days to drive, so she should be home Sunday before dark.
The good news is that she missed two weeks of nasty Missouri weather.
I am hoping we will get some spring pictures together real soon!
Nice pictures you posted today. Loved the metal sculptures.
And yes to your question about the Duct Tape book. I finished it and will have to read it again real soon and quote the good parts to you!


Hi potatomum - glad you're doing well too. Maybe as warm weather settles in, we'll "do" the Embarcadero.

Jim, thanks so much for the family info.
I've done some of your puzzles without signing in but didn't see the birth announcement.
So happy for you all. I absolutely love babies and children and families.
Congratulations - you are all lucky to have each other.

I'm glad Susan finally let you post her picture.
What a lovely smile. A smile says so much about a person.

And, I'd forgotten that line from Young Frankenstein - yes, I still smile (and laugh) remembering that movie. I'll have to see if I can get it on Netflix. Smiles to you. Say, speaking of smiling, have you finished reading your "Duct Tape" book?


Kate, Susan left on Feb. 11th for about 3 weeks, more or less.
Little Gabriel was born on Feb. 17th, 6 lbs 13 oz. Gabriel has 3 older sisters.
Susan has been there to help out all four times with my blessing.
Those are special moments for Susan that I believe shouldn't be missed. And I am biding my time, when they get older and get to spend time with us. I plan to spoil them rotten! It's my job and I take it seriously! LOL!
So, I am taking care of the corgis and the cat and so far, I don't have cabin fever with all this snow, sleet, ice and cold.
And I took "abby-normal" from "Young Frankenstein", one of the greatest comedies, ever! I don't think Mel Brooks will mind if you borrow it, either.
And I am honored to make people smile and laugh! Sometimes we are stuck here at our computers and need a laugh or a smile.


The fact that you are out and about is really good news! I've been busy too - travelling a lot, for a change! Will catch up with you soon - don't blow away in the wind in the meantime!!


Thanks cevas, it's nice to mutually enjoy each others puzzles. I'm much busier now than I was for awhile but still come on sometimes and don't sign in - just do puzzles. Yours are always good

And JC, I don't wear glasses now but do get those exams. The darkest sunglasses aren't enough. Yes, you need Susan - I bet she wasn't too happy with your condition while driving. The mud and critters are sad of course, but maybe you can replant some of the trees!!!!! :-) Susan is away for the advent of your new grandchild right? I'll have to get in here more often so I know when the babe arrives. Best wishes to you and your family. Hmmmmmm, I like "abby-normal" - may I use it too??? And thanks for your puzzles, messages and wonderful humor. Smiling is one of my favorite things.


Happy Jigidi Anniversary Kate!! Thank you for all your puzzles this past year. And for all your wise and wonderful comments!!


Beautiful photo/puzzle, Kate!
I can see again! I don't know if you wear glasses, but during the exam they put in drops to dilate my pupils really, really big so they can shine a bright light in and look for cataracts and other stuff. The problem is, I didn't have Susan to drive me home. So, I waited for and hour and a half then drove myself home. I guess I didn't see real well. I took a different way home and cut the time in half. Now I have to clean the mud, trees and little animals off the van! (Just kidding!) Anyway, I rested up and am back to abby-normal! LOL!


Thanks gemstone. I appreciate your coming by.
And JC (Jim) Sometimes when you can't see OUT you have an opportunity to see IN and all the beauty that's there too. Right !!!! But it's still irritating I know.
Thanks for the puzzle and your thoughtfulness.


Happy Anniversary, Kate! Will work the puzzles later. Why is it when you go see the eye doctor, your eyesight is worse! (I know it's the drops!) LOL!




Thanks, I don't get here as often now, but do sooooo enjoy it, and all the great Puzzlers.