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Good Day Sunshine! (medium)

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Please send it northeast! Or any which way that gets it here soonest! Not fused glass - a mixture of goodies that was made months ago!


Hmmm. Would these be your fused glass Jan? They're certainly delightful, whatever they are. And I wish I could share my sunshine with those with such cold weather. Ours is about to heat up again next week, and there will be more than enough heat for me to give away a LOT of it!!!


Roerick3, Hanne and Ardy - I am so glad all of you enjoyed these kaleidos. I hope they brought a little sunshine into your lives, even if there was no true heat with it! Thanks so much for visiting and for sharing your comments. I appreciate it so much!!


Jan, thank you for the sweet yellow kitties with their collar tags hanging below their chins in the upper left. And thanks for the six owls perched against the blue sky in the lower right. And for a bonus you added some blue cats sitting with their backs toward us in the lower middle. And thanks for the rest which are being their own pretty selves. Brought us some sunshine. Still have some wind but temps are around freezing.


HA, that's funny!! I saw the kaleidos before I saw your title - and do you know what I thought??? Have a guess!!! Thanks so very much Jan, they are really wonderful!!


I love the top right and the middle left. Actually I like them all. Go look at the puzzle I posted and tell me about the cold. I sent my niece the puzzle from yesterday--the national backwards day and she sends me our current weather conditions from the weather channel. I'm not sending her anything nice again if she's going to send me that kind of stuff. So, I thought I'd be nice and share it with all my Jigidi friends.


It's still Zero Dark Thirty and I am trying to get that fog to lift to see if we're really going to get the promised sunshine. But, no wind and not rain. I'm so glad you liked the puzzle. Thanks!!


I think I'm a bit of a slow poke today, Jan. Love the top left corner as well as the centre image. Makes me think of lovely sunshine which is what we're having at the moment. Now if only we could do something about the frigid temperatures and wind. :-)