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Hello Phyllis, sorry, I think I misled you when I asked which rugby team you support (says one who is not at all sporty) - I meant between Wales and New Zealand!

I have a friends or family in Nelson, Oamaru and Waiheke island. When my sister and I returned home from our first visit (back in the 80s), our Mum eventually said she was afraid we were both going to announce our intention to emigrate there, because we, had written so enthusiastically about it! Yes I love New Zealand, and I love to travel to all sorts of amazing countries, but I couldn't ever leave England permanently. Although I am half Welsh, half English, I was born in Hereford, and now live in Stroud, Gloucestershire, and I cannot imagine ever leaving this area.

Afraid I must "hit the sack", as I am on an early shift tomorrow, so up at 5.15, in order to walk the dogs and get to Cheltenham for the start of my shift at 7.15; I am a nurse, but am now working my notice, as I retire in September. Yippee! I'll have done almost 38 years of shift work by then, and although I work part-time now, I don't cope too well with the unsocial hours
these days. So cheerio for now, Lorna


S.mae Lorna. Your relative is like me, it doesn't matter how long you have lived away from Wales, the love of our land, that of our father's calls us home. NZ is a great place to live, but it is not 'The Land of our Fathers' nor should it be either. I intend to bring mum and dads' ashes home hopefully next year, depends on my health. They are sitting in front of me as I write this.

Where in NZ does your relative live? I am a Chief's supporter, ever since we came here and lived in Hamilton, it was theb Waikato then, then and now always a mooloo girl! I recall the big parades there used to be, people cheering on the team and the sound of mooloo bells everywhere. The hey day of rugby I think. My husband Len is a Blues man, they are not doing so well, we have met Pam Lam the coach at church he is a good man and a great coach, and Samoan [where we lived and worked some years ago] Rugby is quite different now, its a money makling machine. The players must surely get get worn out with the number of games they play.

Mum's family, well one side initially were from Germany, they were German Jews and came to Haverfordwest in 1750, from there the family spread out, my line coming to Monmouthshire where they bought a lot of land, and money married money, until my GG'grandmother married a butcher/farmer. I have always felt that family for all its money was very cold, we were happy to be the 'poor relations'. The other side were in the building trade and market gardening. Dad's family [from Cheshire] were the warmest most loving family. They wore clogs and worked in the mills, never owned anything really except their own homes, but what a wealth of love. Can't buy that can we? and it's the greatest treasure of all and for all.

Time for me to get a coffee, and watch some TV, give my eyes a rest from puzzle. Blessings - Phyllis


Hello Phyllis, thanks for answering my nosey questions! I hope to have another trip to New Zealand sometime, and if / when I do, I certainly intend to explore the north island more. I think it is lovely that you felt so at home when you returned to Wales. One relative in particular (also Welsh) who emigrated to New Zealand, still has a yearning for "home" even though she has lived in New Zealand for over 50 years. I guess that feeling of belonging never leaves you. But which rugby team do you support?!

It is my sister, not me, who is working on our family tree though she has been working more on Mum's side lately. I'm afraid that names and dates leave me befuddled, but I love the social history element of her research. Montgomeryshire / Powys are where our relations are from mainly, (Llanberris, and Llandrindod Wells) and were manual labourers on farms or on the railways - I think; as I say, it is still work in progress!

It has been nice "talking" to you, and thank you for your interest. Lorna


S'mae Lorna. I have been home once, in 2000. I had been told to be prepared for the changes as I left in 1955. Well there were changes, but all the places I remembered were the about that for a blessing. When I was walking in my street and me hearing someone call out Pete, and I called Peter, and this tall grey haired man pointed his finger and said "I know who you are" and knowing then that I was 'home at last'. He was a little boy when I saw him last and then [2000] someone to welcome me home, oh boy I needed that hug and a hankie!

The Welsh have a word 'Hiraeth' it has no one translation, but many i.e. yearning; longing; bittersweet desiring etc and it matters not how long one has been away, it is always the same, that Hiraeth calls us.

I live in Paeroa, a very small town south east of Auckland and north of Tauranga, North Island. Maybe next time you will come to the North Island, [and maybe we will meet. it is different, but each place has something special I think]

Where in Mid Wales did your father's family come from Lorna? My family hail from Pembrokeshire and around Glamorgan and Monmouthshire.Have you been doing your family tree, it kinda sounds like it.

Lovely to get your message - Hwyl...Phyllis


My Dad's family came from mid Wales, back to the late 17th c. Do you manage to go back to Wales at all? Whereabouts in New Zealand do you live? I have been to New Zealand twice; I love the lakes and mountains in the south island, but haven't seen so much of the north island. Lorna


Thanks Going Silver. Yes I am Welsh, and I live in NZ. I have lived here since 1957 and it is still not home. There is only one land that is The Land of my Fathers:-)

My father's family are Cheshire folk, theyhave not strayed far from their home, but my mother's family have been the adventurous side, and for centuries as well.

Where do your family come from in Wales? Mine is from around Monmouthshire, or Gwent as they call it now, Pembrokeshire in the 1700s then Mon and one line in Neath/Swansea.

Hi Jiggy Belle - it called to me as well. Some calls you cannot ignore can you.

Thanks to you both - Phyllis


Nice puzzle! Am I right in thinking (from comments on previous puzzles) you are a Welsh lady, now living in New Zealand? I have family connections with both countries too, though I live in England!


This is very nice. It called to me. Thank you!