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This yacht appeared in front of our lawn last week. Anonymous owner who described himself as an ordinary billionaire! Yeah right! Nothing ordinary about this $40,000,000.00 craft! (Found the info from Yachting World.)


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You're very welcome Pam and thank you!


This is probably the closest I'll ever come to such a luxury yacht - thanks for giving me the opportunity, Robbie! :-D
And thanks for another great Bermuda-scene puzzle. :-))


There is such a thing as an "ordinary billionaire"? Hmph. Guess I can be proud of being an ordinary "average" person. And I'm quite happy with that! :)


You never know these days ebkrueg, I'll give it a wide berth!


I'd be suspicious Robbie. Maybe a drug czar or an arms dealer. :)))


Yes Ardy, see what you mean!
I know Deanna, a good laugh and you have a good weekend!
I don't think so Dil, although Jenny wanted to row out to it!


Maybe the owner was looking for someone from Bermuda named Robbie (Porgy)!


Robbie, please don't take it wrong, it was just a joke. By the way, your yacht is more sympathetic to me than this billionaire. I don't think such things are the basis for happiness in life. I wish you a wonderful weekend and I send you a greeting ♥:))


I'd be happy with one million, Robbie. Can't even comprehend billions. Wow. Thanks, Robbie.


Yes Deanna, I will look out for it!


The image of a billionaire inherently includes a yacht. Robbie, I'm glad Rob found his ship with your help. He should better watch his crew. Please watch his yacht before he can get it. If the yacht accidentally disappears, Rob will be certainly glad to borrow your new yacht for sailing home. I think he's such a good captain to handle it ♥;))


Come on over Robbos and gem, I'll keep an eye out for you until the party!


Perhaps he would adopt me...


My boat went missing three weeks ago and now I know where it your front door☺
Must be a darn good crew to get to your place so quick in preparation for the party that your having.


Hi db, unbelievable for sure. A few of these mega yachts have come over here this month for various events.


Too many zero's for me to work out how much it's worth!!!! But it sure is a beauty ;)))


I know what you mean, well out of our league!


Beautiful photo! (And yikes! I can't conceive of a number that large!)