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All I did is steal the cat's bad can that be!!!

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Next week is great. Just let me know when.
Even Cousin Itt has to eat. Don't begrudge him a little cat food....


LOL, Gail! Got your e-mail. I've had problems today staying online. So when I finally stayed on, I went to jigidi...had to get my puzzles posted. I'd love to get together and meet you. I'll get back to you, but I think next weekend would work, if that's OK with you. Though you'd have to meet my husband and my terrible teen-age son! :DDD In fact, when my son found out about this, the first thing out of his mouth was "Can I come with you?" He's a good kid, just a major pain in my @*%$^. And he's proud of it! Love him to pieces!

As far as the puzzle goes, I know he did it! If I leave Cousin Itt's food outside too long in the evenings, the coons get it! I say he was rightly arrested!


I didn't do it ... and I'll never do it again.