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Collegiate Chantry of St. Mary, Slapton, Devon. Photo by Keith Lockstone

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I'm glad our history is preserved it's what we are. Today I'm just going up the coast to the next county which is Lulworth, Dorset. I hope you enjoy the puzzles...Sue


Quite a long history for the Chantry and Slapton Sue - circa 1372-1373! Glad that it is a protected structure and will remain for all to see. Thank you


We do have a lot of nice places but like all countries we have our not so nice places. I love Devon with all the villages, narrow lane, steep hills and the coast.
Just to let you know Joyce we've finished series 3 of Doc Martin (my husbands hooked as well). We're waiting on Lovefilms to send us series 4 as that's not a 'watch online' like the other 3...Sue


Every place looks so nice in England. So many wonderful homes & buildings. Thanks Sue! :)))
(time, 5:57)


It can get very hot down in Devon in the summer and it can rain a lot as well, which it usually does if we go down that way. Thanks RebaBe...Sue


Remember summer hols in Devon where it got quite hot! Loverly, if small, view ;-{}


The tower you see is old, I found a snippet about it's history:
The Collegiate Chantry of St. Mary was founded in 1373 by Sir Guy du Brian, standard bearer to King Edward II at the battle of Calais in 1349. Much of the Chantry Tower still remains and the Tower Inn was built in about 1347 as cottages to house the men working on the monastery buildings.
This view is typical of a Devon village and the houses will be built at different times through the centuries. Just love all those trees as well. I'm glad you enjoyed today's trip in south Devon Denise. Thanks...Sue


Look at those trees, this looks older than the beach houses. Now I am confused as I like old as well:-)). Thanks sue:-))