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I'll be with you in orange blossom time. . . .

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My oranges are blooming a month early again this year. Climate change?


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You get fruit and blossoms at the same time?!
I love olfactory Nirvana, as well as orange blossoms.


I tried to grow citrus indoors here a couple of years ago, but it just didn't work. Maybe I'll try again for the "olfactory Nirvana" (GREAT DESCRIPTION!)


Thanks, RoseH. Would you believe there are still (supposedly intelligent) people who are convinced that climate change is a hoax?

Glad to send you a branch, Trudy! Even if they did not produce fruit, citrus would be well worth cultivating just for the fragrance. It is lovely to step outside my door in the morning to something like olfactory Nirvana!

Hanne, I wish I could send you some warm weather. Of course, I would like you to reciprocate by sending me some cooler weather when our temperatures reach triple digits . . . .


Ohh, it's SO wonderful!! Perhaps YOU have got the global warming!! At least we haven't - not yet!! Thanks so very much Varda!


My most favorite smell of all.... citrus blossoms. Send a branch to Seattle?



I would say so, based on many other such anomalies.