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Red Bellied Woodpecker

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Taken in my back yard yesterday, Feb 19, 2013.


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Another great shot of your woodpecker LJ.


Good shooting!


You are most welcome, warbler. Thank you very much Robyn and Cel!


Ohhh and he was posing for you
Super shot LJ :)


Nice bird Laura - looks like it should be called Red Capped though. I like the one lurking in the background :))


One of my favorite birds! Thank you, Laura.


Too bad Mr Cooper's bird doesn't just eat seeds. That would solve everything.
Thanks, PG, pumpkin and morris!


Nicely done, laura!!


Handsome Fella!!! Good shot of him, Laura!


Very nice LJ and you can train him to get rid of Mr. Coopers bird.


Tex...maybe a better location is in order. If you're sure they won't come to the eaves.
Thank you, snooker!
Lyndee...I would be upset, too!


I only get the downeys at my feeder. I like them on my feeder but sometimes they like to peck on the cedar siding that is on our house. That's when I get out there and rant and rave until they leave!!!! LOL

Good picture, lj.


No, not many cats, just lots of squirrels, but I haven't even seen them messing with it. Only think I can figure out is they haven't found it yet. It's hanging from the eaves in the same place the hummingbird feeder is in summer, and they always find it. I'll give it a few more days and then move it, maybe, ya think?


How can that be? Are there cats around all the time? I have never know a feeder to go unused. Wow, tex. That is a mystery. My birds would love a few extra ones. There's always room for one more, is their philosophy. But the little piggies aren't getting any more. I will go broke!


I just love these little fellers, and still don't have any birds at all around the suet feeder or the seed bell. I still think maybe I need to ring a dinner bell or something! Thanks, LJ.


This one looks like he got a messy dye job. Ha ha!
The zombie bird in the background is a sparrow. You made me chuckle, Fidget.
Pat, aren't they great to watch? Glad you are blessed with these birds.
Thanks, bizarra, chickie, roseheather, Fidget, Patti, Barb, and gnt! So great to have you stop by!


great photo Laurajane but I think it should be called pink bellied woodpecker LOL


Truly a beautiful bird. It's amazing how much bigger they are than my Downys


Wonderful! I was going to ask who the bird as in the background -- RH answered it for me. :)


Great capture, and I like the sparrow in the background.


You can see his red belly in this Laura. Thanks


So beautiful! thanks


I have red bellied woodpeckers, and downy woodpeckers, but I don't have any of the brown-headed zombie birds you have pictured in the background.


Ahhh so cute ... I have a pair of downy woodpeckers feeding several times a day... thanks LJ