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See It Through (Smaller)

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102 solves
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Thanks, Rosie--it took me many, many puzzles drawn, some with only solid rectangles, some with a mixture of different paint textures (this one has solid and marker, which is the translucent one, but I've also used oil and water colors and crayon and so on) to realize that I liked just these two together the best. It's just complicated enough and interesting enough, without being a hodge-podge. I'm glad you like it, too!


I love these overlaying shapes with the top one being added transparent. It make every layer underneath different. Great puzzle.


Thanks, Ardy and Jan! When I made this puzzle, I never thought it would remind people of clothing--it's fascinating to see where the descriptions head! And I'm glad you liked the circle--I really did, too, and when I tried adding another shape, it just lost its impact, so I left it alone. :-)))


Very pretty layering on this one, Pat! I love the circle! It just adds to the drama And the varied rectangles are perfect. Thanks for this colorful beauty!


I remember having a white see through blouse and being teased about the pink blouse I was wearing. I had a sunburn. That was a LONG time ago. Thanks, Pat. This was fun.


Thanks, Lela and Edie. My clothing in the 70's was lots of maternity wear, and in the 80's lots of sweatpants and jeans and such.......! Never was much of a fashion plate...... :-)))


Reminds me of my clothing in the 70's and 80's. Lots of see through it stuff. Thanks Pat, really fun.


This one was far easier!.........