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When the garden looks good........

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Hi, valleystream! Hope you check this once in a while. You might want to check out this poster:
He/she has some nice "long views" of the Arizona Strip that you might enjoy. Don't know if you have been there--it is just south of the Utah line near Kanab--by Pipe Spring National Monument.

Hi, vs! I answered your comment of today on my site.

Hi, again! I answered you on my site.

I imagine you are home by now, resting and willing the healing to begin. After two knee replacements this will probably be a cakewalk. Having a great history with PT bodes well for you this time around too. I believe PT success depends as much on the therapist and the connection you have with him/her as your dedication to the process.

We'll figure out the e-mail thing.

Thanks for your thoughts! I am not too concerned about the surgery--it is that arthroscopic approach, which is pretty uncomplicated and I don't have to stay overnight. I will be with my daughter and her husband (here in town) for a couple of days. It's the long term recovery (possibly as long as 6 months!) that I worry about, but have to do that. I had such good luck with both knee replacements because I was faithful with the therapy exercises, so hope to do as well with this. Wish we could actually email as I would love to know more about you and your life--maybe someday soon we can figure that out.

My thoughts will be with you today. I can imagine the anxiety over this surgery as well as the eagerness to get it over with. May today be the start to pain free living!!

vs--I went ahead and deleted my message to you on Rettch's site, since you answered me here. I may write to you again here, so check again before too long. I am going to have rotator cuff surgery tomorrow and will be in a sling for about a month, so don't know how much typing I will be doing! I always enjoy your comments! Take care!

How frustrating! At least you can see them, but not they won't be big enough to really enjoy.

I am having computer problems today. I don't need computer AND digital camera problems. With a scanner I could possibly learn to use the hundreds of photos taken out west...but that's simply another item I will not know how to use. I'm in a "woe is me" frame of mind. At present I cannot solve Jigidi puzzles. I can see them, I can read or write comments, but the computer will not allow me to solve them.

Hi, valleystream! Looks like you kind of quit longer ago than I did! I have posted SO MANY Utah pictures in the past but have sort of run out of photos and haven't taken that many more. I hope you can come out this way again. I know that you appreciate the same sorts of scenery that I do--both in Kansas and the West. I will try to come up with something before long.


Beautiful valleystream..this is your garden I presume?


Happy new year, Valleystream!!


Valleystream, I recapped a few of my puzzles on Joysulli2. Thanks for you note.


Tomorrow is your first Jigidi anniversary. Let me be the first to congratulate you!
Maybe buy yourself a star to celebrate.
This jig has nice color contrasts. Thanks.


Pretty. And challenging!


Nice contrast - the almost ashy green next to the fuchsia blooms from the azalea disappearing into the darkness behind. Those ferns made for a bit of a challenge...

Comments mean a lot. Thank you for yours.


Lovely picture! Thank you!