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Kaleidos made from ...... Bright and Bold Dichroic Glass!! ~ Francine, Gaillou, Jan and Sandy's Favourite

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This is Francine, Gaillou, Jan and Sandy's favourite from a 3x3 collage of kaleidoscopes made from dichroic glass, that I posted on 30 November. I make my kaleidoscopes and collages using freely available images and a variety of programs. A 3x3 collage usually takes around 2 hours to make.

It gives me immense pleasure making them, and I hope it gives you pleasure solving them. :-)


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Yay!! You found your fave, Sandy. I'm so pleased. And it must be horses for courses with weather. I'd actually take my heat over your snow. As much as I hate the extreme heat, I can't imagine living in such cold either. Brrrrrrrrr. LOL


still pretty. i see bearded faces wearing bowties. 4 inches of snow here last night, and rarely above freezing it seems forever, but i'll take that over your heat!


It's a great word, isn't it Francine? She's a clever one, that Sally. And I'm really happy that you enjoyed your fave. I certainly enjoyed posting it for you. :)))


Thanks Jan! Yes. Yes it IS one of your faves. LOL And I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)))


It's lovely and bright, isn't it Katie? I love it, even though I've had my fill of sunny and bright. Happily, today we have a cooler, cloudy day with some spots of rain!! A bit of much-needed respite from the heat. Whew!! I hope that our warm weather has moved off over your way, to melt that snow, and thaw you out. :)))


Isn't it funny how the smallest components can hold the greatest allure, Gail? I'm really pleased you enjoyed your fave. :)))


Kaleidolicious - great term! This is still my favourite of yours and a joy to solve. Many thanks, Kirsten. (1:44)


Beautiful! LOVE it as a single. This is really a beauty - one of my favorites!


This is so lovely - I'll enjoy the sunny yellow here! There are a few breaks in the clouds here so I might get a few minutes of actual sun here and there today. But cold again and another dusting of snow - arrrgh!!! Thanks for a great set of singles today Kirsten!


That turquoise center is still a magnet to me. Love it, Kirsten. Thank you.


Kaleidolicious? I love it!!! And I'm stealing it, I mean being inspired by it, like it was my own!! LOL Thanks Sally!! :)))


Bright and cheery... Good fun.... Kaleidolicious... Thanks, Kirsten.... :) :)


Thanks Gail!! I'm so glad you enjoyed them. That makes me VERY happy. :)))


I don't think you have to be up early to be on the top of the board, Dagmar! You're very fast!! I'm going to sleep very well tonight, thank you very much. It's cooled off nicely, and will be around 13 degrees. Yippee! Thats less than half of last night's horror story of 30!! Blech!

And I hope this one DOES keep you cheery all day, Dagmar. :)))


Those fuzzy wuzzy gold bars must be worth a small fortune. And those blue darts are most likely protecting them from greedy hands. Really lovely puzzles tonight, Kirsten.


Being up early has its advantages, you can even make the top of the board for a little while. :)) With this lot of four I'll settle for the yellow and blue combinations this morning. It's so bright and cheerful, the perfect image to keep me going for the rest of a long and busy day. Thanks for some great fun this morning/evening and I hope you get a good night's rest in spite of the heat and see you tomorrow. :))

Good morning Ardy. I thought that I had got up early, but compared with you a quarter to eight is in the middle of the day LOL. Have a nice day. :)


Oh, I'd LOVE 2 days of rain, Barb. We're breaking hot and dry weather records over here. Longest stretch of days over 30 and driest summer. And it's not done with us yet. It's cooled down a bit today, but is cranking up again in a week. Grrrrr LOl


Definitely woke me up, Kirsten and Ardy. And I can see those blue arrows. I like the sunny background after having 2 days of rain. :-) On to the next puzzle.


Morning Ardy! I was just over at Jan's catching up on her kaleido collage from today. This one would be a waker-upper!! It's pretty darn bright! LOL. See you shortly. :)))


Good evening, Kirsten. Blue darts heading with true aim to the bullseye. Good game. Nice bright wake-up. Let's hope it did wake me up as my eye-hand coordination was really bad on this one. Thanks for a good start. On to number 2.