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PG Attempts To Fight Back With Imported, Official Down Under Boxing Gloves....

32 pieces
95 solves
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We knew you could chunk snowballs with one eye, way better than PG can duck.... :) :)


*by the way....just noticed the eye patch. Quite fetching, I must say! Was so involved in the boomerangs, the mapleleaf, the kangaroos, and fox....I totally missed it!


SMor....Really like the snowball-a-pult! Well done!!!


At least put on your long johns so you don't freeze those skinny legs, PG.


Wearing my mitts and ready to make additional snowballs.


Whoa!! PG you put on some LBS big time for this fray!! Still doesn't look good for you here, watch out, David is making a turn right behind you!!
Another terrific puzzle SMor, thanks.


O dear, O dear. Whatever next. PG do I detect any whistling in the dark????????


Lady of the uncommonwealth I was not making an escape I was trying to find ways out of this for these poor creatures from down under. I see you do NOT want to protect Santa from such abuse and should expect coal in your stocking next year also.
I have now called on my cousin Vinny bag of donuts from Brooklyn and the battle will soon be over. How could they even think that such a rag tagged crew threaten KING Chicken? The one eyed pumpkin trying to hit something is very funny and all those sticks that will not come back another. Canadian boxing roos ? The last thing they will see is a big roo from my gloves. What is kidney stone going to do? Cut off my water? The one eyed hawk needs a seeing eye bird. If I didn't love them all so this could be very bloody battle. I see you foxness hiding in the snow bank.

puzzaddled dare you try to trick me into helping you escape?! How cowardly to sneak away to try to board Santa's helicopter without even a by-your-leave! I, in all innocence, nearly offered you succor in extremis! My eyes have now been opened to your dastardly plot (ladies, the chicken nearly flew the coop!!). Sorry, old chap, but I have something in Commonwealth with the down-under ladies. Faye, my gem, pop over here's a straight line south to get the blighter! Cue the orchestra to re-visit the 1812 overture...