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Fire dance at the Mexico Fashion Film Festival

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“Dancers perform the fire dance during a ceremony at the Mexico Fashion Film Festival on March 15 in Mexico City.”


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It certainly make a statement!!


You'd be smashing in it, Andy!


Oh, I would love to get a hold of this outfit, put it on and go strutting into a Kentucky Fried Chicken with flames and everything, proclaiming as I walked in "You now have to answer to the mighty chicken god!" Of course, all sorts of crazies walk into KFCs, so it might not have the desired effect. This guy, he's VERY effective. Thanks Bill.


I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did, Leanne! :-) I'm hoping those feathers are farther from him than they appear.


This is a wonderful, moody dramatic photo! His mask would scare anyone. I hope his feathers don't catch on fire!