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Ice Shanty

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On Lake Antoine, Iron Mountain, Michigan.


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Thank you, Bloorox!


Looks cold there! And windy, brrrr!!! Great photo though, PLG! Love the tree :)


Thank you, David. :)


(I never got the point of sitting around all day holding onto a fishing rod even in nice weather...)
But this is a lovely shot, PLG, thanks for the wintry flavor from someone who loves the winter.


PG -- Thank you. And I have to agree with you about the fish being the frozen ones!

Jacques -- Thank you! Glad you liked this one.

Eaglefeather -- Thank you. The cold doesn't scare you, I'll bet. :)

Celeste -- Thank you! Glad you liked it!


Great picture PLG


Great photo Patti.


a beautiful picture patti, i love it!


A great photo Patti but it is toooo cold to fish. I believe the fish should be frozen not the fishermen.


Thank you, Suzy. :) I guess the fish don't spoil, anyway!!! Just keep 'em on ice after you catch 'em!


Great shot of a chillin' past time. But the fish taste extra special good!
(Don't know how I missed this 23 hours ago! Must have been an early night for me!)


Thank you, Snooker. I guess you had your fill of all that cold stuff. :)

Thank you, Oddio. Then you'd like this lake in the summer. :)


You have a nice eye for composition, Patti.

We lived on a lake in WI and saw some of these, but I never felt moved to venture out to see 'em close up. Defrost it and I'll want to drown some bait for sure. :>)

Beautiful. Spent many days out in one of those through the years. :)


Robryan-- Thank you. Yes, it WAS cold that day!

Michelle-- Thank you so much! I had not seen your puzzle yet. I left you a message there. Thank you!

Shirley & Foxy -- I wasn't all that brave. My son and daughter-in-law came with me, and we only lasted a few minutes. Felt chilly with the wind. But I'm glad you liked the photo.

Ank -- Thank you. 46 degrees sounds kind of nice right now! We had 11 degrees this morning, but now it's warming up to right around freezing.

Goingsilver -- Glad you liked it. Bundle up though! Stay warm!

Francine -- Yes, I have seen those tents for sale, but not many on the lakes yet. I would think they'd be colder than the shacks. I'm not an ice "fisherperson," myself. I'd rather watch someone else do it!

Mimi -- Thank you! Glad it "wowed" you!


Ditto every word everybody said plus one great big WOW!


Patti, the people ice fishing a few weeks ago in our area didn't yet have the shacks. Two of them had the oddest looking small tents! Had never seen that before.


Beautiful photo, but it makes me cold just looking at it.


Very beautiful Patti. It look s indeed very cold there. Here it still too warm, we have 46 degres at the moment. But they say end of the week it will be colder. We see.


Patti, I think Shirley has summed up what I was thinking so all I'll say is "what Shirley said" :-)


That's one very large lake Patti, I think you are one very brave lady to venture out in this cold weather, then again I'm so glad you did, or we wouldn't have this wonderful winter scene, for that Patti I Thank you very much.


Beautiful scene, Patti. It evokes memories of going to the cottage in the winter when I was young. Thanks for posting this.

If you've already seen it, you can ignore this but I just wanted you to know that I have something for you:


Terrific photo PLG - looks darn cold!!


I can just picture that in my mind. Thanks, Roseheather. :)


This picture says winter.

My parents lived on a lake when I was little and I recall that they took my sister and I across the lake on a sled to a store that was across from our house. Your picture reminded me of that. ; )


Thanks, Robbie. It's spring-fed and 748-acres.


Looks like a big lake PLG, lovely photo, thanks.


YW, Gladstone. Thanks for your comment. :)


Thank you for your ice fishing pic.


Thank you, Morris. :)


Nice one, patti!!


Yes, it is on the lakes, Sandy. We've had a lot of cold temps lately.


Wow, your ice must be frozen pretty solid by now.


TS -- Thank you. Yes, I took it Wednesday. Glad you like it. :)

Francine -- Thanks for dropping by. (Not many I'm afraid.)

Pat -- Never a dumb question. Yes, it's a shanty for ice fishing. At the moment no one was there though.


This is cool ..Hate to sound dumb but are they ice fishing??


You still have some leaves. Wonderful.


Ooh, I love this one. Did you take this pic? Beautiful.