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Bathing Beauties

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That is funny about the ring. My Mom had a rule that was not to be broken. Never leave the tub without cleaning it for the next person, and I still follow it to this day. Some things Moms teach us stay with us forever. I remember her saying "You've so much dirt behind your ears you could plant potatoes. If you don't do a good job I will do it for you." A threat not to be ignored ! (lol) I hope you have a good day too. Bunny


The first thing I thought of, a mother saying, "You've left such a dirty ring around the tub that you could plant flowers!" - - - And look what beauties they are!!
Have a wonderful dy Bunny!!

Very pretty. A good choice of flowers for the tub. I think lavender, pink, and aqua or turquoise are my favorite colors. I had a tub like that growing up and later out of my Grandmother's apt. building that I wanted to cut like the one in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" that Audry Hepburn used as a couch in her NY apt. We ended up giving it to a friend who had horses. She used it as a watering trough for the horses. Thank you for another fun puzzle and I wish for you a good day. Bunny