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Something to cheer you up :))) I

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As always I'm very happy to provide some sunshine, we have got more than enough of it here PJ. Although for you it might be difficult to believe, very often I'm fed up with the sun and yearn for grey skies and rain. :)) Thanks for your visit and always pleasant comments.


Thanks for the cheery greeting, Dagmar. Sunshine puzzles are so welcome in the winter, and this one was so delightfully fun.


Sorry Mandy, I somehow managed to skip Ardy's and your comment. So I situated you correctly. The south coast of England and the Sussex Downs are beautiful, not that I ever have been there - during my time in England thirty-odd yeas ago I lived in London, but my eldest daughter has just come back after two years working in Eastbourne and studying at Brighton University and I have seen many photos of this part of the coast. The world is really a small place you even might have seen her and never know. :))


Sorry Ardy I don't know how I managed to miss you, apart from always being in a hurry. :))

How many times a week do you have rehearsal with the kids and how many time with your grown-ups? And pupils after holidays are never very eager to get back to work, and who can blame them, I feel just the same after a holiday. LOL

I hope they liked what I wrote about their performance I enjoyed watching them and also all the other little artists very much. :))

Thanks for your patience and have a nice evening.


Nothing special, but there is enough colour to light up a dreary day. :))
Thanks Wendy.


Dagmar, this is a great new take on swirls!


Dagmar, you are spot on... I'm in Sussex on the south coast of the UK.


Lovely, bright, wake-up colors with a rare black butterfly. Thanks, Dagmar. School started back for me Monday. yesterday at rehearsal the kids were still in holiday mood and not ready to work. I read them your comments about the Christmas program. Hope your afternoon and evening go well.


Good morning Mandy, I suppose it is morning for you, in my mind I have put you on the British Isles, but that is just a speculation of mine. :)) It was nice seeing all of you here waiting for me and I'm very happy that you had some very short fun putting the colours together. :))


Dr. Dagmar has always a shoulder = puzzle ready for an emergency. LOL Being able to cheer somebody up also gives me lots of joy so everybody is served well. :))
It's nice to read your comments in the morning, it always makes the day easier and brighter. :))


I had an idea, so this was for you. :)) I don't think it will change very much, but every bit helps. :))
Thanks for your lovely comment and your visit at late hours in the night. I hope you will find some rest today. :))


Dagmar, this is wonderful - I love your off-set swirl and the little butterfly!! Thanks :~)


I've cheered up twice, Dagmar!! Once by the puzzle, and twice by the fact that Gail is cheered up! Ah, the therapeutic benefits of a Dagmar puzzle!! Thanks very much! And I hope your first day back at work was bearable! :))))


Dagmar, that was beautiful. You have no idea how much I needed to be cheered up! Thanks.