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Eucalyptus Bark - For RandomWorship!

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Okay. Now I'm speechless. In a good way. Thank you my friend. :)))


Kirsten, all those things you said below in the first post are words I would use to describe you. I think you know that! But, I would add one thing - you are also very meticulous in getting each puzzle just so. That is why we all adore doing your puzzles! They snap together so beautifully.
I do know you are a very special person - and friend!
I'm glad you liked this! Jan


And now you can't shut me up!! LOL

I went back to find my puzzle that you talked about. It was the fifth puzzle I ever posted! And I think I could do way better now. But there are still things I love about it.

And look - we chatted then! Not that we knew each other. I remember being thrilled if anyone commented! I was so excited! LOL


I wrote my comment before I solved it. And now that I've seen it in it's glory, it's even MORE beautiful. And very hard to choose a fave. But the bottom left (I love red!!) is right up there. Thanks so much Jan. :)))


I love this! Rainbow Eucalyptus is so spectacular, and you have made it more so! And what lovely things you said too. I regard myself as truly fortunate. That some wonderful, generous puzzle-makers supported my journey to become a puzzle-maker too, without ever getting mean-spirited and competitive about it. And for the fantastic friends I've made along the way too. And you are a very special friend indeed. Generous, warm, funny, artistic, caring. A perfect friend! Thank you so much for this puzzle. I greatly appreciate it. xxx


Same here! We had expected to see color all the way to the coast. And, we did - the color was green! LOL

Not yet...the trees are just barely starting to turn color.


Mariasha - There are so many tree barks that are gorgeous. There is even one that is indigenous to Australia, but I liked this one best! I'll ber you are surrounded by these lovely colors right now! Thank you so much!!!


Ardy- Kirsten is such a wonderful and caring person, this puzzle doesn't even begin to thank her!

Thank you so much for the compliments. Now, you just have to stop! Blushing is NOT my best look! LOL

Man o' man, these came out terrific! Rainbow Eucalyptus is gorgeous just by itself, and then you turned it into fabulous kaleidos! Hard to pick a fave, but I'll go with top right for the depth in it. Thanks Jan!


Jan, what a beautiful and wonderful tribute to Kirsten. I won't choose a favorite. OK I can't choose a favorite as I love all 9 including the original image. It also takes an artist's eye to view the kaleidoscope's offerings to choose the best way to put them together to make these delightful puzzles. Thank YOU, Jan, for using that artistic ability to enhance my day and many others.


The bark in the center was the image used to make all of the kaleidoscopes.

This puzzle is significant to me because of Kirsten (RandomWorship). I loved her puzzles from the day I started Jigidi and she posted a 3X3 puzzle that was so beautiful I stared at each kaleidoscope for a very long time. Each of them was lovely. When I asked her what image she used, she told me tree bark. SHE was the one who inspired me to start making kaleidoscopes. Thank you, Kirsten. This one's for you! :D