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Happy Easter to My Jigidi Friends!

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I won't be here for Easter, so I am wishing you Happy Easter now!
See you in a couple of weeks! Jan


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Jan this is a week after Easter - actually Saturday night. I just finished this puzzle, the last one I had saved to do while you are gone. It's delightful. I love the kookaburra with the fish and the lady bug and the grasshopper as well as all the others. Thanks so much and I'm hoping you are having the best of times and not even thinking of Jigidi.


Happy Easter to, You are most Nice!!!


Aww, cute! :-))


Thanks for a little bit of Easter. :)) I used to paint quite a lot of them when I was younger, it is a pity that I never took photos. Now most of them are broken. :))


Thank you for all the delightful puzzles today. You are so thoughtful. This too is bookmarked.


Another gorgeous Easter challenge, Jan. Although it took me over 9 minutes it was well worth it. Love all the images in this delightful puzzle!
I will miss your daily puzzles but wish you a wonderful holiday! :-)

Beautiful puzzle! Enjoy your couple of weeks!