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Good Morning Thought

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back ground picture .. Our snow Monday 03-25-2013


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Tex you are so funny ... now you are thinking like me... also thanks for both pictures..


Well, I guess I was really off! I was thinking the answer was my backside! The more I take in, the bigger it gets!! Thanks, and sorry I didn't win! P.S. I love the background pic very much (and also your profile pic!).


Morris I thought you had another job to do...
Warbler You are so right about July and Aug... that would cool you down... Good to see you..
Celeste thank you so much ...


Great background picture Pkin :)


Take your snow photos now, like this one. They will look very inviting in July! Thanks Pat, Great set!


Yeah, but it doesn't pay very well.


That's the best person to work for Morris... I think....


Working for myself today, Pat!


Thanks Gene .. Have a great day..


Good post Pat :))))))


Katie I should have taken a picture of it but my back deck was cleaned off except one very little spot.. and I mean little it was only about 3 inches by 2 inches couldn't believe it. and it was almost in the middle of the deck... Nice to see you this morning...


I moved to Alabama 14 years ago . . . . . and I wouldn't want to move back into the Great White North even though I grew up there and shoveled more snow than I ever want to remember! But I don't mind lookin' at the pics! Thanks Pattybelle. Good riddle, too, had me stumped.


This sure was a beautiful morning Pat! I'm so glad it didn't stick around long. I still have a little left in areas that are in shade all day long. Maybe the rest will disappear today.


Oh my there sure are nine stars... Thanks Fran nice to see you...


Good morning Pat, even I knew the answer on this one. Hee-hee. :)))
..BTW, nine stars showing!! (:21)


Good morning Mandy ..Thanks too ..nice to see you...

Good morning Morris ..Now that's a long day Morris... good to see you today .. are you working today??


Good Morning, Pat!! Had a long day yesterday, did not have time to check jigidi before I left the house.


Thanks Pat - thsi is a very pretty picture - I'm pleased it's all gone from you now though :~))


Good morning Ardy... I tried to send it all over to Belguim to Sir Wizard Starlord... He was whining about snow. I told the storm that you would just give it a little boost...


Good morning, Pat. I'm very glad you didn't send all that much snow on to us. I think we got maybe an inch and it did not stick on paved surfaces once the temperatures got above freezing. I guess the morning commute was a nightmare though. I've known snow showers here in April. Have a good day. Thanks. Hugs.


Good morning Lucy ... It feels good to sleep in once in a while .. Have a great day..

Good morning Jim It was a wet and heavy snow ..but pretty for a few hours.. now it's gone... You are so funny... Have a great day too...


Good morning, Pat! Wow, you got a lot more snow than we did on Sunday! And thanks for the easy one today.
I took pictures of the answer for fun after the storm passed and we able to go for a walk. LOL! And the snow is almost all gone now. The moon lit up the remaining piles during the night. Such a neat sight!


Good morning Pat, glad this one missed us. it went south of us, across nyc and penn. UP late this morning , slept in, so the answer was answered already. good for her. hope all is well..


Good morning Lorna .. all dressed up in the star.... good to see you my dear... have a good day..

Good morning Sis ...We have been known to get snow clear up to the middle of April.. but it is gone.. that's not it ... Have a great day

KateEE glad to hear that you hit the nail on the head .... have a great day...


Footsteps & footprints I mean .. tho is that 2 answers now??? Oh dear!


I think the clue is in in the picture. Is it footsteps?
Last chemo yesterday - hooray :-)


How about knowledge?


Wow what a beautiful photo, pity it is in the wrong time of the year. lol Good morning dear Sissy, I'm glad that snow is gone again, I hope your Spring will arrive. The question? I don't know. I can think of something but I'm sure you does want that answer. The more food you take, the more "YUCK".......... lol. I hope you will have a great day.


Good morning Pat. I like the photo, but no answer to your question comes to mind. Isn't that a suirprise? (Not!)


Good evening Shirley ... This was about 4" of snow that we got Monday but it is gone now. That's one good thing about this time of year. Nice to see you


Your winter seems to be a very cold one, Pat, this to me looks like a lot of snow, while it's pretty to look at, I'm not sure I could live with so much snow. Thanks for sharing this Pat.