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At the foot of the Museum of Art are these rockformations called "The Shrine"!

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You are SO welcome, there's always room for one more!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Well, move over ladies and make room for me! What a wonderful place to contemplate the universe! So very beautiful!! Thanks so much, Hanne.


No, and I would like to sit there next to you!! Thanks so very much Dagmar!!


What a beautiful place!! I wouldn't mine sitting on one of these benches enjoying he view. :))


These stairs are very good, and even going up isn't SO bad!! Those who made the staircase were so kind to make benches on every turn, so that you can sit down and "enjoy the view" at least three or four times on the way!! The legend says that there was a well here once, but nobody knows where it has been. That is why it's called "The Shrine"! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Lovely spot. Looks like there are steps so one cold climb down. I have no problem with going down. It's the back up that's a problem. LOL Thanks, Hanne.