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Odder Boxes

49 pieces
178 solves
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Thanks--I do appreciate your input, because I always love your puzzles, so I know you have good taste! I'm still trying to find what's best--I like the ones I posted today better than the one in the link... :-)


Pat, I just checked out the one in the link and I like both (this one and the one in the link). And I like the mix of weird patterns that don't necessarily go together.


Thanks, whatnauts and Kathy--I tried making a few more tonight, including this one:

But I'm still experimenting, trying to find out not only which Paintings work best with these pattern additions, but also which types of patterns work best... If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears! (Just like lelabugosi...!).


Great puzzles today, Pat - thanks!


Nice puzzle, but the border is spectacular. The patterned border is a nice contrast to the solid blocks.


Yes, I was doing the same thing, lela--I didn't even recognize which ones were border pieces until I assembled the sections! Thanks!

I'm glad you liked this one, Ardy--I made it weird first (jpeg then recolor), then embossed it, then added the patterns--all of that made those ziggy edges we both enjoy! :-)


I like this - the pinking shears edges, the patterns, that the boxes are more defined, the muted colors. I don't know all the artistic language that some of the others use to describe things, but I like it. Thanks, Pat.


How odd!................Well, I must admit this made for an interesting solve......(I seemed to be putting all the middle patterns together first, as I saw them)......