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Now, that has made my morning!! It thrills me when anyone appreciates, my art; but even more so when that person is one I hold dear to my heart! There are two of these persons in Western Australia! Thanks for telling me this dear one!


Jill dear, one day I hope you will see our girl smiling at the sight of your orbs. It is a sight to behold! I am partial to your orbs too but she can outgrin me :-)


Happy I could play a part in making you smile, L! Your smiley faces seem to be progressive; in other words, one could add "etc" at the end. But of course! It was made by ETC, etc! Glad you enjoyed these dear one..... :-)))))))))))))))))))))


Wowzer.... Glow in the dark orbs.... Thank you, thank you.... You really know how to make an orb lover smile.... Sigh... You're the bestest, Good Buddy.... :) :)) :)) :)))) :))))) :))))))


You are very welcome, Jo. They do have a Spring feel to them!


Spring hasn't sprung yet, but, these beautiful pastel orbs gives off the feel that it's nearer!! Thanks Jill, for the preview!! :)