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Painting on silk :)) II

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153 solves
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Hi Whatnauts, yes I had a very agreeable weekend, I even managed some time out to make some new puzzles. Thanks for your visit and have a wonderful week. :))


This is a lovely painting, dohun. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and perhaps some creative time :))))


Hi Jan, that was the end of my delightful puzzles, either I manage to make some new ones or you will be doing mixtures of old and new for a while LOL. The backgrounds are easy enough to make but I'm running out of ideas what to put into the foreground. :)) Thanks for your morning visit, I hope that your day started well and have a wonderful evening and weekend. :))


Vielen Dank Hanne, es ist immer schön deine Beschreibungen zu lesen, das ist das erste Mal dass ich "heartbreakingly lovely" gesehen habe und ich muss sagen, dass es sich wunderbar anhört. :)) Vielen Dank für deinen heutigen Besuch es freut mich immer, dich hier zu sehen. :))


Dagmar - you keep coming up with so many delightful puzzles. This some is so delicate! The lines are perfect. I just love the way they flow. What a fun floral design it is, too! The background does look like a silk scarf! WOW! I mean it, it is entrancing! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!


This is heartbreakingly lovely!!! Oh SO wunderbar!! Vielen Dank, Dagmar!!