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Heart and Flowers for a Birthday Girl

63 pieces
187 solves
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LOL - go girl!! It was made harder by the additional pink mandala... instead of a third blue one... but with the birthday girl's preference for pink I had to do it. On reflection I probably should have made this one a tad smaller... but a good brain work out won't hurt anyone!! Thanks Kathy :~))


Ok, now I am sitting here chuckling at this one too LOL When the pieces popped up on the screen, I though...ok I am over my head even at 63 pieces. But I am most happy to report that the chuckle and smile came about as I figured out how to solve it LOL I lined up all the centers that were the same colour and then would go around and try a piece the same colour in each center until I found the right fit LOL I have to say that it was a LOT of fun and a good exercise for the ole brain. Thank you Mandy for a delightful and fun puzzle to solve!!!!


Thanks PJ - it's good you enjoyed the challenge!!

Thanks Gail, I'm pleased you enjoyed the colours in this - I had fun making all the images :~))


I love this, Mandy. The images and coloring are so delicate. And there are no two images alike. Thank you for the fun.


Very nice little images, Mandy - and a challenge to solve, a piece at a time :-)))


Thanks Barb, I'm glad you enjoyed it :~)

You are most welcome Ardy, I'm happy you enjoyed it!!

Yes Magda, I will be interested to see who takes up that challenge... I don't suppose there will be many!! I love to do the monster puzzles, but have to get really organised first, so I can relax and enjoy it... isn't is wonderful that we can save our progress and do them a piece at a time??

Thanks Pat :~))

LOL!! I'm glad you enjoyed the challenge Edie and still have fun, thanks :~))


Soft and pretty but you still managed to make it a challenge. Really fun. Thanks Mandy


Lots of hearts and lots of pink--perfect for Ardy!!! Happy Birthday, Ardy--hope it's special!


Yes Mandy, very tricky with the same colors touching. I wonder who takes the challenge of the over 500 pc.? Not me. I am sweating over a tugman since last 3 days! Do it by piece. But thanks am at 5.49, so-so.


Lovely Mandy, As one of the birthday girls today I'm loving your heart and flowers. Sweet thoughts. Tricky puzzle with all those similar colors. Thank you, Mandy. Hugs.


Love the beautiful pastel patterns, Mandy. Tricky though but fun and such a gorgeous result, thanks. And I think a certain birthday girl will love this especially with 4 very pretty pinks. :-)