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Fifteen Minutes Of Fruit

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I guess, if I absolutely had to, I'd eat a pear or a plum, and maybe a few grapes. I'll nibble on apple pie, but only because I love the crust! But maybe I don't like fruit that much because I don't like sweets, so berries and cherries and such are way down on my favorites list..... We have lots of local orchards and farm stands here, so that's not my excuse..... :-)))


I'll happily eat loads of veggies, but my preference fruitwise is for the soft summer fruits... probably because we don't see nice ones very often in our shops!




Mmm, 'em.


Good for you! Does it count that the Cheetos I ate were orange (colored)? No? Didn't think so.......


I do believe I had the required fruit and veg servings today (not that it happens every day). Fun puzzle, PD - thanks. (2:08)


Good for you, Mimi! And I thought that this one was hard, so your time was excellent! :-)))

I probably have 1 serving a day if I'm being good (just the way I prefer starch and salt to anything sweet, I prefer vegetables to fruit--my favorite fruit is a tomato!), so I'm very happy to count this as all the servings we need, Mandy! :-DDD


How many of my "5 a day" does this count as, please Pat??? It's deliciously delightful! Thanks


Pat, this one was so much fun to do, I love it! Thanks! Oh and I did it in 2:37 which is really fast for me on a puzzle this size!


As I told Mandy, I wouldn't dare try to clean it--I'd be about as good at it as my son was when he was about 8, and knocked an oil painting off the rough barn-board siding in the family room. He tried to glue the painting back on with Elmer's, which then ran down the wood. So he tried to clean that up with Comet. That's about as technically up-to-date as I am...!


And I had big luscious fresh blueberries on oatmeal. Thanks, Pat. This is different for you. Is this in honor of "Clean your computer day?"


LOL! Thanks, Katie--this was a very simple design that I never posted, so I played around with it so that it wouldn't go to waste. I'm glad you liked it! :-)


Cool new format for you Pat! And what serendipity - I had blueberry waffles for breakfast this morning!