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Giant Stick Insect..

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Our neighbour - Toyomi - found this in her garden yesterday. it was at least 30cm or 12" long - and when it partially opened its wings they were an amazing purple & black pattern!! You can just see a tiny coloured part of the wing in the right-hand photo.


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Thanks Allie :)))) This one was a biggie even for us!!! And....we never knew about the amazing wing colours either - it was a real thrill seeing them!!! Cheers!!


you have some amazing photos Robyn!!! I've bookmarked at least 30 which I had missed!
This one is totally amazing! wow!!! Knew they got very big but I didn't know they had wings! and those colours!!! wow!! thanks you so much for this! x


Thanks IF - it sure was interesting:))


Nice photos robryan. Interesting insect.


Neither did I Mary!! Let alone such a surprising coloured one :))) Thanks.

This one surprised us all Shirley - thanks!!

He's well-camouflaged Floyd, that's for sure!! Thanks!


Thanks you Rob for posting this BIG insect.
Good thing they don't bite.
Sure does look like a stick.


I 've never seen one this big, Rob, he's a beauty.


Wow,Didn't even know they had wings.
Great pictures, robryan.
Thanks for posting.


It sure is Francamia - the longest one I've ever seen:)))) Thanks!

Hi CoffeeAddict - welcome to the amazing and sometimes crazy world of Jigidi!! Thanks for commenting and please give my Best Wishes to Mags for a speedy recovery!!

My eagle-eyed neighbour had seen it a couple of days ago Laura, & yesterday she called out to bring the camera!! It's a real beauty isn't it!!! Thanks!!

Sort of freaky, but fascinating at the same time dondi :))) It was certainly well camouflaged in the tree! We didn't get the tape out to measure it - as it got a bit defensive and we didn't want it panicking and flying away!! Thanks !!

LOL!! For sure Rebecca!!!! Thanks!!

LOL!!! Nearly, but not quite Dave :))) Chris & Toyomi handled it:))))


AMazing size! Wings in-disguised as a stick..wings open- run for your life here I come.


Amazing what can be right under your nose.


Yeah, pretty freaky. You expect downed sticks in your yard, but you don't expect them to get up and walk around! And according to Wikipedia, the largest "grows to a total length of 567 mm (22.3 in) (measured with the front legs fully extended) and body length of 357 mm (14.1 in)." Yours is pretty well up there!


Boy robyn, that thing is huge! I didn't know they got that big! Kinda creepy.


What amazing camouflage they have!

We get them in the garden of the apartment block I live in. They sometimes fly in at night. Quite icky to have to catch them!


Gee whiz that is a big one.....................


You certainly miss out on lots in Arizona Barb!! Sounds to me like you'd rather be back in Florida :))) I'm not too keen on handling these - but I would if I had too :)))) Thanks Barb!


Yes, I know these walking sticks! I have had tons of them in Florida.....too dry for them here....I did not like them even though I knew that they are harmless...
Thank you Rob for posting yours :)


LOL!!! It a big-un alright chookie :)))) But....harmless, thanks goodness!!!


What the........!!!! I've never seen such BIG ones-:)))


LOL!!! We sure do Neville!!! I last saw a black one about 20 years ago, at night on my screen door, and it scared the heebies out of me ...until I realised what it was :))))


Rob, you grow 'em mighty big, up in them thar parts!!!