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fountain Vienna

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Hi Sue, afraid I am a stick with devil you know kind of person

Hi Joyce, or I know the feeling that post to jigidi box should have been bigger it tends to get overlooked


June, have a look at the Co-op, I don't think a lot of people know they're into gas and electricity. The blurb said they can keep prices down as they don't have share holders to please. We can't change yet as we're locked in till 2015 on a preferential tariff which would cost us £50 to come out of. We will compare prices when the time comes...Sue


I love fountains, this is great!! thanks June!! :)))
(time, 6:14)
I had to delete 3 pictures this a.m. because I forgot to click post & save and forgot to adjust the amount of pieces and because I forgot the pictures had to be titled before uploading them. I liked putting a title on them after posting. AAAARRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Hi numbers, glad you enjoyed it. My way or the highway with the new system so we can only do our best


A fun and enjoyable puzzle noggin - thanks! Jury still out as far as I'm concerned on new layouts, but it won't get changed back so I suppose I'll learn to tolerate it at least if I don't come to like it. :-)


I got a letter from the electric people yesterday - we promised we would not put costs up this year so they are going up in January. It's the cynicism of people and government that annoys me SO MUCH!


Our gas fire in the hall stays on now till early Spring but it's only on low as we're all aware of the disgusting cost of heating homes these days and it's going to get worse. I feel like I'm getting on my soap box but I think priorities in this country are very muddled...Sue


Hi Sue, I guess one day I will get it right, but I am so slow. My biggest problem is remembering to make it public the button should be more in your face. It's very cold here, I got central heating about 3 years ago otherwise I would have to stay in bed, can't have any other kind with my oxygen machine going all the time. Not going out tomorrow it's set to get even colder and then warm up for a couple of days.


What do you think of the new layout June? I'm not sure, still making my mind up.
Flipping freezing here, we haven't got central heating just two big balance flu gas fires mind you we are a terrace house which helps. Keep warm...Sue