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After spending four days on the Oregon coast a couple weeks back, I headed over to the Willamette Valley to visit my mom in Salem. I was on Highway 20 east of Corvallis when I spotted this barn just as the sun was setting. The barn was on the opposite side of the highway. I had to cross five lanes of busy traffic in order to get a good shot of the barn. I was so busy dodging traffic that I missed the Bald Eagle in a leafless Oak tree that stood just to the left of this barn. I didn't see it until it flew out of the tree as I was running across the highway. If I had spotted the bird while parked in my car, the eagle would have been lit up by the golden sun rays and I could have grabbed my other camera with the telephoto lens and captured a great shot. When I went to cross back over the five lanes of rush hour traffic, it took forever to get an opening. Yes, that is my shadow in the foreground.


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willey, would never have thought of barns being used as navigational aids. Terry

Terry, the multi-colored roof reminds me of my wife's, grandfolks farm place near Saint John Washington, has a roof that we recovered some years back with some used delta rib, metal, in blue, yellow, green & any other color we could find, made a great roof, but better yet, that roof turned out to be a notorious navigation aid for pilots flying within 60 miles of that barn roof, & I'm sure this barn roof, serves the same purpose in the Salem area.

OK, Terry---you're about to find out how many 'other mothers' you have. You relate how you dodged traffic crossing 5 lanes to get this photo. An 'other mother' has all the responsibilities of the birth mother without being the birth mother. SO...."you MUST be so careful" is likely to come at you a bunch of ways on this puzzle!!!
Your photo is spectacular, by the way.
Thanks for the puzzle. Nancy

I'm glad you didn't get killed trying to get this shot. I'm not sure if the rest of us would consider your life worth it. I'm glad you got it, tho. thanks for sharing. connie

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