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Straw Flowers For Certain People ;-)

80 pieces
166 solves
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Mary, you REALLY are getting faster. The times of the last three puzzles that you've solved are less than double the time of the 10th spotter and that's with plenty of competition. So you needn't worry so much. ;-)

This is one of my I'm glad you solved it and got pleasure out of it.


I like these so much that I saw the link in another puzzle to this larger one and had a DUH moment and tackled the large one! LOL 11:25 I've gotta stop doing that. Thanks, Wendy!


Exactly, Pat. The flowers of mine that have straw petals are extra adept at getting soused. hehehe

Thank you, Ms. whatnauts. You're pretty super duper too. LOL


Super duper.


I saw the straw stem explanation, but these have straw petals as well, so they're even more adept at "nutrient"! :-D


Pat, Ardy figured out the secret to why my flowers are so unique. The straw stems suck up alcohol from the alkaline soil....and voila! So these are not really a new hybrid. They've been growing in my garden for the past few months....which makes them ancient.


Well, I've grown straw flowers in my garden, but they've never been this beautiful! Are these a new hybrid? Love them!