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love the bricks

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This is a sidewalk in Neosho, MO.


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Well I'm just a little late... was having trouble with the internet card yesterday... Took me forever to do anything. Love this one .... thanks Jim...


Thanks, Toto for the info!


Another puzzle to tickle my curiosity, so off to the search engines I go. In 1882, Cherryvale was the home of six brick factories and, before Kansas prohibited liquor sales in the 1880's, five saloons. Also the home of Vivian Vance, better known as Lucy's next door neighbor, Ethel Mertz. Thanks for the puzzle, JC.


We actually have our name on a brick outside a hospital. But, it is nowhere near as interesting to look at as this one!! Thanks so much JC!
Hope you're having a lot of fun!!!


I have always loved brick streets and sidewalks. Thanks jc.