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Dexter - nový typ mycky nádobí :-)) for Ank

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Dexter - new type dishwashers, loves water, retrieving his owner's hand toy, I do not know with whom it is crossed, it looks like a cat, does everything as retriever.


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Thank you Katwoody and Ardy, I'm glad you're having fun on my puzzle and comments.

When Andrea was at home with us, we had a retriever dog in England could not buy into the apartment and bought a Dexter and cat trying to replace retriever, I do not know who told him that


Some cat breeds are natural retrievers. Dexter must have gotten those genes. Thanks for sharing.


Dexter is so cute! And I love your commentary! Thanks Jana, I love your puzzles and check them every day:-))


Thank you Denise and petsmom, I am glad, you enjoy my puzzle :-))

Jana - I really like your pictures. Dexter is adorable. Glad he helps you around the house!


Jana he is so cute. Hello lovely boy:-)Are you doing the washing uP?
Thanks for the puzzle. :-)


Thank you my dear Ank, I told my daughter, saturating him water there, give him a sponge into feet and he'll wash. Put out to Leeds, you got it closer than I, Andrea certainly lend him to you :-))


thank you kathy, this puzzle are for you


Yep, I want him. He can be a good help. He can wash all my dishes. Jana you are a clown. This is a great description. Love it, love the cat, the photo and you. Thank you.


A cat that loves water?? Must be from another planet! VERY cute