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Pastel Plants :)) I

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96 solves
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Thanks PJ, your wonderful descriptions always make me smile, and as answering this comment is my last thing in Jigidi tonight. I'll go to sleep with a smile on my face. Thanks a lot for your visit. :))


Wonderful, Dohun. The realistic effect is stunning, I felt like picking the delicate leaves right off the screen. Good work!


Nice to see you too Ardy, I just a had a quick sneek into Jigidi to have a look around, but work is already waiting again and I'm glad you liked the pastels. :))


Thanks to you Mandy, spring is only a heartbeat away. :)) Here the trees haven't lost all their leaves yet and at the end of January and the beginning of February the almond trees are alreay blossoming again. :)) Real hard winter is a very short season here in Spain.


So nice to have you and your puzzles back, Dagmar. Love these wonderful little pastels. Thank you.


Lovely to see these plants with their fresh spring green colours - reminding me that spring is just around the cold corner!!! Thanks Dagmar :~)


Thanks for your welcome and visit. I love your avatar, it suits you perfectly, bright, colourful and kaleido. :)))


It's a little cutie!! Thanks Dagmar, and welcome back from the mountains. :)))