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Hope the sun is shining bright on your vacation, Kirsten! Greetings from TICA!

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Glad you liked it, Kirsten! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time! And such gorgeous weather! And it's actually one for my Painted Ponies! Think of poor me here in the rain and cold :((( from time to time while you're soaking up the sunshine and warmth!


Awww - thanks Deborah!! I've had a beeyooteefull day. It was around 28 degrees Celsius here (about 82 in your part of the world). The sky was bright blue and clear, and the breeze was cool. And my sister and I went to see Erskine Falls. Unfortunately the tracks were closed for maintenance, so we could only get to a lookout, which was all of 200 metres from the car park. So went to another waterfall not too far away. It was about a 5 kilometre walk there and back. And the waterfall, while not huge and dramatic, was perfect. Then we had lunch at a yummy Mexican place - very authentic and delicious. Topped off by an ice-cream on the beach. Now who could ask for more!! What's that you say? You DO want more? Well, I can help. The last few hours of the day were spent making today's puzzle!! Yippee. Now THAT'S a perfect day. LOL. And the icing on the cake is logging in and finding this lovely puzzle and wish dedicated to me. Aw, shucks. Thanks soooooo much - it's really sweet of you. And go on. Tell me what it is. My money's on a butterfly! :-DDD