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This is just for you Mandy. Happy memories of the 60s. They were really heady times.


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I was always embroidering up my jeans! Once I had a viny leaf arrangement going all the way up the leg!
I LOVE this patch for Mandy! It is just wonderful! Thanks so much! (especially for the memories!)


wow...just noticed the killer boots!!!


LOL... we both thought the same way, Lesley. It is just so much fun that we can all get together like this and share common interests and have fun...and we're all around the globe!

Mandy, don't you wish you still had those jeans. I must have had 3 or 4 was also a great way to convert your not so wide bells so you'd fit in...

Well, Lesley, since we have the same Queen, and all... a belated Happy Anniversary to her Majesty. You can just pop down for me and give her the message in person, right? (Yes, it was a joke! I know that some would say that in earnest...)


Hi Michelle. I live in the Midlands in the UK. It's difficult to guess where folk are from just by little snippets of info. Are you from this way in the world too? I'll leave a message over at yours too.


Lesley - all our snow had melted by this afternoon, its just wet, but not raining here - I hope it stops snowing for you too, soon - although the forecast is for more of the same :~)

puzzaddled - I used to do that with my jeans!!!


Hi,'ve got me curious...where do you live? We are having unseasonably warm weather and the snow all melted! (We had a couple of good falls after Christmas that we thought would stay a while too...)

btw, love the flashback pocket patch! I remember we also used to slit the lower side seam of the bell bottom and add colourful cotton in there and around the hem too...everything to make a wider bell! That should be your next "sewing" project...LOL.


I have abandoned the idea of going out today. I have shovelled away the snow twice and still it's coming down. The hens have flatly refused to come out of the hen house and so they have had breakfast and lunch in bed!!


I woke up to snow too... very unusual for the south coast!!! I hope the roads will be OK for you to get out for your swim... brrrrrrr!!!


Hi Mandy. I'm so pleased you liked this one. I hoped it would make you smile, (particularly on this awful Monday morning when it's snowing hard and I'm not sure whether to go out in the car for my morning swim at the pool)! I'll catch up with you later.


Lesley - I can hardly believe my eyes!!!! I just came to check for my favorite puzzle and the first puzzle I saw was this one!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! I am going to be smiling for ever... thank you so much :~))))))))))